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By Jamil Khan | Sept 22, 2016

The Harry Potter series of books and movies has made millions of fans worldwide in the last one decade. The magic had such an impact that it has attracted almost everyone, be it young, or old. And craze of Harry Potter can also be seen in Pakistan. And perhaps to tap that craze, the Hogwarts Cafe has come into existence to attract cafe5Potterheads in Islamabad. Soon after the opening, the Potterheads started thronging to this brand new theme café. The café which is running on trial and waiting for an official opening witnessing daily a huge turn out everyday, to prove that there are more Potterhead in the twin cities – Islamabad and Rawalpindi – than any other metropolis in the country.
The theme café established by three friends Hassan Khan, Emad ur Rahman and Ouj-e-Zahoor to provide Harry Potter fans a place where they can not only mingle but enjoy the magical world in which millions of child have spent their childhood.cafe90
One of the co-founder of the Hogwarts Café, Hassan Khan, told The Gulf Today in a recent interview that the project was setting up a café which later ended to fulfill their childhood dream to make something surrounded by Harry Potter. “People like me grown up reading Harry Potter and daydream every scene the Potter and his friends were through. Our passion is to Potter reflects through the every single details of this café which we created for Potterheads in Pakistan,” he said.
The café opened its doors last month, but receiving hundreds of fans everyday who not only enjoy wizard-inspired food but also order drinks with magical potions.cafe5
The exterior of the café with the Platform 9-3/4 and a trolley half shown while the wall strewn with colourful sticky notes written by fans with a message to show their excitement while décor inside transformed completely into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as walls with photo frames, shelves with posters, books and paraphernalia like caps, robes, wands, death eaters costumes and the furniture also reflect the true resemblance. cafe17
The fans gathered at the Hogwarts Café not only discuss their Potterhead test result which provide them the information about the House they belong but also indulge the food in the atmosphere they missed for a long time. Their most of the time spend to portray themselves as Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley to use in-house costumes, Hogwarts Student Hat with Brim and flying candles in background to made tons of selfies in every corner with background strewn with Potter merchandise.
The food includes The Muggle’s Choice, House Gryffindor, The Godric’s Hollow and a number of potions like Amortertie, Tonge twister, Wolf Sbane, Skele Orea Ginger Beer and Butter Beer gave a good reason to fans gathered and eat.
The new entry of Hogwarts Café in Pakistan’s pop scene has also help local fans to see their country’s soft image in local and international media as fans spread the words through the social media to every corner of the world and daily people sharing their experience after visiting the place.
The team is also working to secure the theme café concept in Pakistan, and plans to expand the network to other cities and cater the Potterheads with magical foods and merchandise.
-Published in The Gulf Today

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