GO AISH In Karachi


A Park Full of Adventures

By Jamil Khan

HAVE you guys ever visited a place full of urban adventure in the middle of the city? If not, then have a look at the newly-established Go Aish Adventure within the premises of Safari Park.
The exciting adventures at this park not only are a source of unforgettable experiences for the young energetic people, but those who become used to these games visit the place frequently to pass their leisure time.
The adventure area, Go Aish Adventure, is located at the hillside in Safari Park just behind the central lake. These rides made of wood, steel cables and ropes have been installed by Czech Republic.
The management has hired experts for all its six game courts to help the amateurs play their favourite games. Every newcomer is given some basic tips and training to play his/her favourite game like rope course, paintball arena, wall climbing, ATV’s (all terrain vehicles) quad bikes, big swing and flying fox with all necessary safety gears to prevent any accident.The park was opened for public last year and since then hundreds of people visit it daily. The park is open from 2pm to10pm on weekdays while on Saturdays and Sundays one can visit between 11am to 11pm. The charges per person for short course in high rope course are Rs100 and Rs200 for long course while paint ball arena and ATV bikes can be utilised at a charge of Rs200 and wall climbing for Rs100.
The flying fox adventure has recently been installed in which the participants fly from one end to the other end of the lake. The trainer who helps the newcomers shows extreme stunts to motivate the participants while flying on the lake.
Besides the main arena, a separate park as a junior section has also been set up in the Safari Park where kids can learn to climb, jump, swing and hang with the help of trainers and safety gears.
The activities in the junior section are divided into two categories like monkey and guerrilla for children between the age groups of 4-8 and 8-12 respectively, to experience the challenging rides of this section.
The junior section consists of cargo net, wobbly ladder, monkey swing, maze, wall climbing, playhouse, tunnel, kangaroo, jungle bridge, Tarzan, dominos, round run and equilibrium.
The charges for each kid are Rs50 and this section is open from 2pm to 10pm on weekdays while on Saturdays and Sundays it opens between 11am to 11pm.
Imbisat Mallick, the man behind the whole idea of Go Aish said that they have established this park in collaboration with Lanove Centrum, a world renowned Czech Republic-based company specialising in providing amusement/adventure services around Europe. “This is the first adventure park of its kind not only in Pakistan but in the entire South Asian region that offers positive recreational facilities to the youngsters at the minimal charges,” he said.
He said that he had seen such adventurous games in Europe and when he returned to Karachi he noticed that no such facility is available for the youngsters here, therefore, he decided to establish this park. The response from local people is encouraging as those who visit this park once, surely come for the second time, he said.
-Published in Young World-Dawn | July 12, 2008


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