SINDH Sea Festival
By Jamil Khan

A LARGE  number of visitors including children from various age groups enjoyed the fire-works and other activities in the concluding ceremony of the three-day Sindh Sea Festival on Sunday at the Clifton beach. The fire-works and the demonstration of karate skills by Pakistan Navy commandos were the most attractive features of the last day of the festival.
The event was arranged by Sindh government with the collaboration of many public and private sector organizations as the theme for this year’s festival was ‘Environment’ and the symbol of ‘Green Turtle’. A huge size replica of green turtle placed in the center of the festival which also glued everyone’s attention.
The festival was inaugurated by Sindh Chief Minister, Ghulam Arbab Rahim while on the last day the chief guest was the Governor Sindh and also visited City Nazim with other dignitaries of the local government.
A large number of stalls in the festival arranged by various departments of the Sindh government and other organizations to highlight the awareness about the variety of the different cultures of Sindh and wildlife. Artisan show their skills on live to perform traditional music, made handloom cloth like Khadar, Khes (shawls), Khoosay (Sindhi shoes), embroidery caps, a potter giving finishing touches to a pot which made by clay and many more. A relief camp was also set up to raise donations for the tsunami victims.
Model villages like Sindh Village, Fishermen’s Village and Agriculture Village also arranged to prominent the village life and culture while in the agriculture village different crops, plants, flowers, seeds and informative literature also displayed to emphasizes the importance of agriculture field.
Children of every age group showed their keen interest to see the stuffed animals and various bird species, which brought by Sindh Wildlife Department in their pavilion.
The Pakistan Navy also set up a huge pavilion where a number of stalls exhibited different kinds of weapons, souvenirs, replicas of submarines and boats, and other equipment. As Naval band played beautiful instruments to welcome the guests of the event in their pavilion.
However, there were also fire fighting equipment displayed while the fire brigade personnel showed their skills live as a mock fire incident created which receiving much appreciation from the spectators. Karate show, trade exhibition and children from various government schools also perform parade in front of the chief guest and other visitors. The food street where different type of dishes and beverages set up for the visitors too.
-Published in Young World-Dawn | Jan 15, 2005

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