A true GLOBAL VILLAGE in Dubai

By Jamil Khan

DUBAI, the largest and most vibrant city of UAE has been hosting a number of cultural, recreational and sports events throughout the year to attract exuberant visitors all over the world. Last week, the city had witnessed the seasonal end of one of the most spectacular, cultural and entertainment event – Global Village – which lasted almost 102 days.
This year the Global Village had completed its 13th year in a row to promoting multicultural entertainment programmes at one place and being attended by hundred of thousands of people from all over the world. The Global Village has become a trademark of Dubai and in the winter season it was one of the most visiting destinations for the visitors who had aimed to visit UAE for their annual Dubai Shopping Festival.
In the current season, besides stunning live performances of musicians, artists; entertainers including magicians, Chinese acrobatics and Kung Fu masters, African acrobatics; a variety of cuisines, unlimited option of purchasing genuine home-wares from around the world and many more activities were flaunted for the visitors.
A huge area was set up in the Global Village for the children with offering a variety of entertainments like different swings and slides, Global Wheel, bungee jump and games. Besides this, total 31 countries had also established their country-themed pavilions to promote their home-made products as well as their culture.
Every pavilion had witnessed massive response from the visitors as it was the one-time opportunity for them to get experience without even visiting the particular country.
At Pakistan pavilion, one could observe that the western had showing their great interest into the local embroidered clothes, leather goods, jewellery and gem stones. The food stall offering Pakistani Biryani was another place where people have to wait for their turn.
The other pavilions like different African countries’ had also got massive response where visitors were astonished to see the variety of wooden decoration pieces, vivid coloured paintings, multi-colour dresses, hand-painted utensils and other articles.
This year, the organizers had put a new pavilion of Guinness World Records first time in the history of Global Village. During the 102-day period, more then one thousands people from every age group and belong to different nationalities had took part in the 17 different activities being offered in the pavilion.
Only new records in different categories were set besides almost 65 were improved by the visitors and got hand on the official certificates issued by the Guinness World Records officials.
The World Cultures Show was another platform in the Global Village where artists from different countries had performed daily to enthrall the audience. The other exciting activities and entertainments were fun fair rides, participation of international children’s characters, themed outlets featuring a series of popular cartoon characters, including UAE’s very own animation production Freej.
Some new attractions were also set up in the Global Village like Italian gondolas, traditional Venetian rowing boats steered by operators attired in traditional Egyptian costumes.
The efforts of organizers had termed Global Village into a premier regional venue celebrating diverse cultures, cuisine and trade from around the world and a family destination for entertainment.
-Published in Young World-Dawn | March 14, 2009

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  1. That’s the smart thinikng we could all benefit from.

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