MCB In Dubai

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MCB Bank launches wholesale banking branch in Dubai

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, July 05, 2015

DUBAI: MCB Bank, one of the leading banks in Pakistan, has opened its first Wholesale Branch Banking operations in Dubai.
The inauguration was performed by Ishaq Dar, Pakistan’s Finance Minister and Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, along with Mian Mohammad Mansha, Chairman of the Bank while a large number of local as well as international dignitaries were present.
Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister in his speech termed the opening of the branch in the Dubai as a sign of country’s strong banking sector.
“Currently the financial situation in Pakistan is much better than the general elections of 2013 as all the credit goes to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to adopt deep rooted initiatives are producing the fruits. The interest rate in the country is 42-year low is encouraging foreign direct investment while the growth rate is also improving while the ratings from top international agencies showing that the economy in Pakistan is on the right track,” he said.
About the economy of Pakistan he pointed that the current government has fulfil all the commitments to pay every single payments to international banks to honour the promises made by the previous government.
He mentioned that the government is working hard to solve the energy crisis as a number of power projects are near completion in next two years while a couple of major power producing projects to use nuclear, solar, wind and coal are on track to be completed beyond 2018.
He praised and said that Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan is a good friend and brother of Pakistan and has a lot of interest in Pakistan.
Pointing the inauguration of the MCB Bank’s Wholesale Branch Banking operations in Dubai, Dar added that they are looking forward to see more Pakistani banks to set their foot in Middle East and beyond especially where the overseas Pakistanis are residing. “Growth in banking sector in Pakistan is remarkable especially in the last decades in which the sector not only a survived the turmoil of international financial crisis but also showed strong performance to lift up by very strongly and positively. Our banking sector has resilience, experience and expertise to overcome all the problems and provide best services,” he said.
Imran Maqbool, President MCB Bank while highlighted the history of bank in the Pakistan said that the MCB has maintained a solid and stable presence in Pakistan since August,1948.
“As one of the leading banks in Pakistan and with the highest market capitalisation, MCB is known for its quality banking services, technological development, and professional management. Reputed a sound financial institution, MCB enjoys a wide branch network in Pakistan (1244 branches), with a large customer base across the nation.

PAD: Ramadan Campaign

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Health awareness campaign for labourers

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, July 05, 2015

DUBAI: Over 600 blue collar workers in one of the labour camps in Dubai participated in a health awareness campaign and enjoyed Iftar arranged by the Medical Wing of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) on Friday evening.
The activities were held at Al Habtoor labour camp in Al Qouz, Dubai, where workers of different nationalities enjoyed a series of lectures, free checkups and an Iftar meal.
Asif Durrani, Ambassador of Pakistan, Javed Jalil Khattak, Consul General, Dr Omar Al Muthana, CEO – Community Development Authority (CDA), Saleh Al Mazmi, Head of Licensing – CDA, and Saeed Al Muhairi, Head of Inspection – CDA were among the guests at the occasion. Dr Ziaul Hasan, President PAD and Dr Nighat Aftab, President Medical Wing, welcomed the guests and briefed them on the activities. The guests toured various health stations and appreciated the role of partner hospitals and clinics.PAD-RAMADAN-1
Durrani said he appreciated the association’s work in organising the health awareness camp for labourers in the Holy Month of Ramadan.
“It is our prime responsibility to take responsibility for the wellbeing of blue collar workers,” he said, thanking the CDA and other government departments for supporting such initiatives and activities.
Dr Omar Al Muthana thanked the Pakistan Association Dubai in achieving the objectives of the CDA and praised the initiative taken by the community organisation.
Dr Nazakat Hussain, Vice President of Medical Wing – PAD, Dr Aamerah Shah, General Secretary, Tahir Hasnain Zaidi, Joint Secretary of PD, and Maqbool Islam, Welfare Secretary PAD were also present at the occasion.
More than 50 volunteers and around 50 doctors and paramedics participated in this activity. The newly formed Pakistan Youth Forum of the PAD also actively volunteered for the activity.
The other part of the activity was the distribution of Iftar meals and gifts among the labourers. More than 1,500 Iftar packs and gift hampers were given away to the labourers, sponsored by the CDA, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO), and the PAD. Community Development Authority also engaged other community social clubs of Dubai in the Iftar distribution segment of the event. Italian Social Club Dubai, Kerala Muslims Cultural Centre Dubai and India Club Dubai were among the social clubs who volunteered and supported the Iftar distribution.
The professionals from MediClinic City Hospital, The American Hospital, Northwest Clinic, NMC Hospital, Al Abrah Clinic, Ashter Hospital and Medeor Hospital participated in the camp. The free medical checkups included blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI).

Sharjah Institute for Heritage

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Sharjah Institute for Heritage slogan unveiled

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, July 02, 2015

SHARJAH: The Sharjah Institute for Heritage (SIH) has unveiled its formal identity under the slogan of “deep diving into deep-rooted heritage” with the aim of protecting its heritage and raising awareness.
The ceremony was held in its main office located in University City Sharjah, recently. The details were announced by AbdulAziz Al Musallam, Chairman of SIH, in the presence of a large number of distinguished guests including Majid Bushlaiby, Secretary General of the Islamic Forum, Salha Obeid Ghabbash, Counsellor of the Cultural Office for the Family Affairs Supreme Council, and Khaled Al Midfa’a, General Director of the Commerce and Tourism Development Authority and members from different government departments.JAMIL-SIH-Identity-

Highlighting the details, Al Musallam announced the identity of the institute and its objectives, which aim at preserving Emirati and Arab cultural heritage and protecting it from being forgotten.

“Since the opening of our office in December 2014, we used the government logo on the directives of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. We have now unveiled our own unique logo, vision and other exclusive vision,” he said, while talking to The Gulf Today after the press conference.
He said that “setting up the new identity completes the journey of transforming into an all new look. The institute is working locally and at the international level to support heritage, preserve it, confirm its existence, participate in spreading the conservation of its tangible and intangible collections, and fix the rules of its care taking.”
Al Musallam added that the new identity will be accompanied by further efforts towards the promotion of work so as to enable the SIH to play its role and participate actively in the service of the heritage, its protection, and its reinforcement in the spirits of the citizens.
SIH was inaugurated in December, 2014, in accordance with the Emiri Decree No.70 in 2014 in order to set up cultural and scientific radiation in Sharjah and the Arab world.
It seeks to realise the significant role in all the fields of the cultural heritage and in all its practical and theoretical aspects.
“The objectives of the SIH are summarised in preparing Emirati and Arab cadres of researchers and specialists who value fieldwork and are anxious to maintain cultural heritage, in addition to strengthening the scientific and cultural relations with the institutes and the foundations of heritage all over the world. SIH will give scholarships to students to complete their degrees and diplomas in the field of preserving heritage,” Al Musallam said.

Hotels Host Iftar

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Hotels treat differently-abled children to generous Iftar


By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, July 02, 2015

DUBAI: As part of their community-oriented initiatives, differently-abled children from two different centres hosted an Iftar dinner by prominent hotels in Dubai as part of their corporate responsibility initiative.
Rose Rayhaan by Rotana Hotel in collaboration with the Bright Side Art Training Centre recently held a fun-filled day followed by Iftar for the children from the Senses Residential and Day Care Centre.
The joint event raised awareness on recognising the importance of giving special needs individuals the ability to integrate into society as independent individuals. The ceremony also had special activities for children which left smiles on their faces and made a difference in their lives.
The fun activities were followed by an Iftar which was prepared by hotel’s chefs for the centre’s children and staff members. Rose’s staff spent time with the children gave them gifts and prizes.
“Hosting children from the Senses Centre is an annual event that we look forward to holding not only during Ramadan but on other occasions throughout the year. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to support the continuous and wonderful work done by the Centre led by Dr Lina Owies who dedicated her life to these children. It always gives us immense pleasure to be contributing to this noble cause in our own small way,” said Karim Nahas, General Manager of Rose Rayhaan by Rotana.
Commenting on the art sessions, Artist Yulia Klimontova said: “At Bright Side, we teach how to paint using special techniques that help to activate the right side of the brain that is responsible for creativity. However, it not only about painting, because working with colours is directly connected with the emotional sphere and helps to reduce stress, anxiety and aggression.
“Learning how to paint is particularly beneficial for children, especially for children with special educational needs. Some of the benefits are eye-hand coordination, small motor control, learning to experiment and discover by mixing colors and using different brush strokes, just to name a few. That was our first class with the Senses and more are yet to come to complete the programme with the children, in the nearest future.”
Another group of children with special needs from Rashid Centre for the Disabled and their families were part of the Iftar hosted by the management of Al Bostan Rotan, Dubai.
The children from different age group were in traditional local dresses while many were in the mood of celebrating Ramadan.
Sven Fritzsche the Executive Assistant Manager of Al Bustan, while talking to The Gulf Today, said the management was happy to host the Iftar dinner for the students and families of Rashid Centre as part of its CSR initiative. He said, “The management and staff of Al Bustan Rotana have been taking part in a wide range of CSR activities throughout the year from collecting items for needy people, blood donations and others. We take advantage the Holy Month of Ramadan to host Iftar for differently-abled students, and it always brings happiness to the faces of the faces of these young children as well as their families.”
He said it is a tradition in Ramadan to give back to society, as the hotel has organised Iftar for different centres.
“Ramdan is always a good time to give back to the society in which we operate. We will continue our tradition and host more of such events in the future,” he added.

Ramdan Forum 2015-Urdu Lecture

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Sunnah makes a Muslim successful

11By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, June 30, 2015

DUBAI: Muslims can find peace in this world and the hereafter by acting upon the Sunnah delivered by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the guidance of the Holy Quran.
This was stated by Sheikh Meraj Rabbani in his lecture titled, “Why Did Allah Create Man” in Urdu language during the 14th Dubai Ramadan Forum being organised by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.
The session was part of the series of lectures in different languages for the multi-national community of Dubai. The Sunday session at Zabeel Hall was the only session held in Urdu language and attended by a large number of Asian expatriates.
“We as a Muslim should use our intellect to understand the teachings of Quran and follow the true path guided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is the only solution of our success in this world and hereafter. There are people engaging in worship but the only true path is Sunnah and we should not divert from this,” he said and asked the fellow Muslims to seek knowledge and understand the right teachings.
Talking on the purpose of the creation of the human being, he pointed that the Almighty Allah has created us to worship Him as taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
“We should think and pay keen attention on His creation around us as each and every single object in this universe has value and not a single thing was created without any purpose,” he said.
The non-Arabic lectures are delivered in five foreign languages, namely English, Malayalam, Urdu, Bengali, and Tagalog.
The non-Arabic lectures conclude on Sunday, July 5 with a lecture in English by well-known Islamic scholar Dr ZakirNaik.
Alongside the lectures, several of the Forum’s key events and activities are being hosted at the DWTC such as the “Preacher of the Nation” competition, the “Be a Preacher” zone, and the “Health of the Fasting” awareness campaign which offers free health checkups to visitors attending the Forum.
Other activities held in conjunction with the lecture series include the “Origins of Creation” exhibition, which displays exclusive CGI animated posters and 3D animations containing verses of the Noble Qur’an explaining the origins of creation, as we know it, along with the English translation of the Qur’anic verses and explanation.
Members of the public attending the lectures are being given the chance to win exciting prizes in daily raffle draws, such as “Umrah” trips, tablets, and smartphones.

Socho Pakistan Charity Iftar -II

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Extending the message of love to humanity during Ramadan
charity-1By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, June 28, 2015

SHARJAH: Over 500 labourers in one of the labour camps in Ajman received Iftar packs arranged by the team of Socho Pakistan to extend their charity initiative towards the under privileged segment of the society.
Socho Pakistan is a platform set up by a group of like-minded Pakistani professionals to take care of their country fellows in the UAE and find solutions to their wide range of issues.
“Today we as members of the core committee of Socho Pakistan and their friends and family members, and especially a group of young children, are taking part to distribute Iftar packs among the underprivileged people like labourers regardless of their nationality, as Ramadan is for everyone. It teaches us to extend our help to others,” said Irfan Afsar Awan, senior member of the initiative, while talking to The Gulf today on the sideline of the charity Iftar distribution on Friday.
He said that the distribution of Iftar packs was carried out by the team of Socho Pakistan members, thanking Allah who showered an abundance of blessings on all of us. Ramadan is the best time to give back to society.
The core committee member pooled the funds and arranged food items to buy from wholesale markets, and with the help of volunteers including family and friends, packed the Iftar packs consisting of different snacks, juices and fruit items – to distribute among the labourers.
“It was the first initiative from the SP platform, and only senior members are allowed to contribute, but there were so many others who wish to be part of but we will bring them on the platform in our next such initiatives,” he said.
According to the officials, Socho Pakistan is going to organise a bigger charity Iftar packs distribution event next Friday to bring more of its members and their families and friends.
“Today, we experienced various things, and with this knowledge in hand, we will hopefully organise a bigger charity event, as every Friday in Ramadan we will exercise this practice,” Awan told.
“To avoid any haphazard management issues and delivering Iftar packs to labourers on time, we collaborated with, a charity initiative run by Maha Khan, one of our senior members, as she has been an active social worker for a long time and also had the experience of executing such charity initiatives,” he added.
Maha Khan, a prominent community philanthropist, along with her friends and with the support of family members, initiated the project since 2013.
To extend the message of love of humanity, she along with a group of friends distributed 250 to 300 Iftar packs daily in different labour camps.
“The Ramadan Snack Pack Campaign was started to do something for the community and its under privileged persons such as labourers. With the immense support of friends and family members we started to pool Dhs5 for each pack. No one believed that we could make a “Ramadan Snack Pack” with Dhs5 but we did it and we’re still managing to distribute daily 250 to 300 such packs in different labour camps in Sharjah and Ajman,” she told The Gulf Today.
The group led by Khan have been also supported by the wholesale traders, corporate organisations, friends and others who know their cause and for the last over three years extended their help to distribute the packs which consist of one juice, a flavoured milk, one orange and one apple, enough to provide the required energy to a fasting person.

Socho Pakistan Charity Iftar -I

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Children partner with charity to distribute Iftar at camp

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, June 28, 2015

SHARJAH: A group of young children were part of the Socho Pakistan charity Iftar pack distribution team. Wearing radiant smiles on their faces, the group of young ones were busy helping the elders.
Talking to The Gulf Today, the children expressed their feelings about helping the underprivileged segment of the society and taking part in such community initiatives along with their elders. These children were part of the family members of the core committee of the Socho Pakistan body which organised the over 500 charity Iftar packs for labourers distributed in one of the major labour camps in Ajman.
Saif Afsar, a 10-year-old, was also fasting but displayed great enthusiasm about being part of the team that distributed the charity Iftar packs among
“It was exciting and a memorable experience to work with elders for a charity cause. These (labourers) are underprivileged people as my father taught us that we have to give others from whatever Almighty Allah gives us. Today I was fasting with my fifth ‘Roza’ (fast) in this month and it was a great day for me and for other my friends. We will come again to distribute charity Iftar packs whenever we have a chance,” he said.
Mustafa, 9, was also part of the team. He told by his father that they were going to serve the charity Iftar packs in a labour camp.
“I had no idea about what we were going to see as there were so many labourers. With the help of my father’s friends and Socho Pakistan team, we distributed hundreds of Iftar packs to them. We will not forget this day and will do such charity work again,” he said.
The student of Arab Unity School was excited to share his experience with friends especially in school to motivate others and encourage them to start charity work with the help of family members.
There were many who could not ignore the enthusiasm and joy on the face of a young 8-year-old girl, Ayesha Omar, seen actively distributing the Iftar packs among the labourers who lined up at the site.
“I was told about this activity by my father who brought me here.  I am happy to be here and work with them (Socho Pakistan team). This act of helping others bring us great happiness,” she told The Gulf Today.
She excitingly added that as soon as her school opens, she will share the details of this charity work with her classmates and encourage them to take part in such activities to help less privileged segments of the society.
Anwar Tayyeb, 7, was present along with his mother to distribute the charity Iftar packs among the labourers.
“Like other my friends, we were brought here at the labour camp. I really enjoyed and I am excited to help these people. It’s a good to help others. I will come again with my mother who is part of this team, doing charity work,” he said.
Yasir Chaudhry, one of the coordinators of the initiative, told The Gulf today that the idea to involve childen in charity work is to give them the chance to work for the underprivileged segment of our society. “If we do not teach them this then who will? Today these children saw us working on different stages of the charity work like packing, transportation and distribution and also happily took part in every activity,” he said.


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