Zayed varsity team wins AT Educom

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By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

THE 4-day hackathon for 48 students as Code-Camp of the second edition of the Assistive Technology Competition (At Educom) has completed with the announcement of Zayed University as winner and team from Sharjah University as Runner-up.
The project on Zayed University team that won the competition was ‘Mubser’, an application to assist visually impaired people while the Sharjah University’s application was ‘Takhatta’ for autistic people.
The Code-Camp concluded at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Sunday as the final phase of the competition At Educom. Students from 7 local universities comprises 10 Emirati teams along with ten Korean students participated in the designing of assistive applications organised by the Assistive Technology Centre, SCHS in association with the Quality of Life Technology Centre at Seoul National University supported by LG Electronics.
The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Executive Chairman of the Department of Government …
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Mall unveils line-up during Dubai Food Festival

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

The Taste of Dubai starting next month has been celebrating its 10-year anniversary to bring a number of world-renowned chefs and an array of food-related activities. A number of activities by chefs in prominent restaurants besides malls have been lined up.
Besides the city’s prominent mall, Mercato has announced a series of activities for visitors and food enthusiasts at Mercato and Town Centre Jumeirah during the DFF as both malls transform into dining and entertainment hotspots with a line-up that includes restaurant offers; food sampling, family fun entertainment, live demos, food related workshops and kids activities.
During the Dubai food festival from Feb 23 till March 11, Mercato will host a spectacular line-up of activities including spectacular weekly entertainment…
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Al Noor family fun fair to support differently-abled a big draw

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

A day-long gathering of friends and families was present at the Al Noor-Samsung Hope for Children Family Fun Fair 2017 held to extend support for the special needs centre and its children.
The festival was held at Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Al Barsha 1, behind Mall of the Emirates from 8am to 9pm with ample exciting activities for young and adults alike.
Al Noor Training Centre has been organising the fun fair every year. It creates a vibrant environment for everyone to attend as well as work for the community. It also provides a huge opportunity for corporates across the UAE to be part of the event as a sponsor and contribute to Al Noor Training Centre and its efforts in uplifting the lives of its students.
Isphana Al Khatib, Director Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities, told The Gulf Today on Friday that the support from various…
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Ten Emirati teams join Korean students at Code-Camp

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By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

A 4-day long specialised work camp (Code-Camp) kicked off at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, constituting the phase before the final phase of the competition At Educom.
Students from 10 Emirati teams along with ten Korean students have been participating for the design of assistive applications organised by the Assistive Technology Centre under SCHS in association with the Quality of Life Technology Centre at Seoul National University supported by LG Electronics.
Mohammad Al Nabulsi, Coordinator for the Competition, stressed on the importance of the camp which precedes the announcement of the winning teams on Sunday. As many as 48 students comprising 10 teams from different participating Emirati universities along with 10 students from South Korean universities supervised by a group of Korean experts met at this camp to design support and assistive applications to empower special needs and differently-abled individuals and enhance the quality of their life.
He stressed on the Centre’s eagerness to create awareness relating to assistive technologies and motivate students at Emirati universities…
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75-year-old hones hobby after retirement

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By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

There are many people who have no time but those who have retired after spending decades in jobs have no such complaints. They get time for activities that were once just hobbies.
Anjini Prakash Laitu, based in the UAE for the last 23 years, has, to keep his free time fruitful in retirement life, engaged himself in a number of creative hobbies from painting and textile designing (painting design) to pottery.
In an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today, the 75-year-old retired Laitu unfolded his life and talked about his current activities.laitu-3
He was associated with the Thapar Group in India for 33 years where he served in various areas including glass, paper and sugar factories. He was invited by a Dubai-based businessman to set up a glass factory in Jebel Ali which took four years.
“I was used to painting in my childhood. But the trend to study fine arts at that time for living was not a good choice so I pursued my career in technical side and completed my Bachelor’s degree. While working in India I used to paint occasionally to satisfy my inner soul as a hobby and completed 10-12 paintings annually,” he said.
The breakthrough for his painting passion came once he completed the assignment of setting up a glass factory in Dubai in 2002. To qualify in the field of arts, he enrolled at the Sharjah Art Institute to complete a 3-year certificate course in Arts between 2005-2008 which give him a proper training to pursue his passion for painting besides other fields like sculpture and textile painting.
To develop his own skills in textile painting, he spent time with a renowned UAE-based textile designer.
“As a free soul, I develop my own techniques to do textile paintings on different types of ladies’ clothes from saris to scarves and other variety of clothes as currently around 75 such pieces are available at the Indian pavilion in the Global Village,” he said.
Laitu had three painting exhibitions at the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah to showcase his creations and received an extraordinary response from different segments of visitors. He also did a day-long workshop to teach textile painting to a group of women. “It was a quite significant experience to train others and transfer my skills in a nutshell. I have been offering my services to different spheres of society to get my experience but strangely it seems no one has time to learn new things like painting,” he said. laitu-4
However, a solo exhibition of his over 100 artworks including paintings, fabric pieces and pottery were also showcased at a day-long exhibition at Marbella Resort in Sharjah in 2007 where a cross-section of society visited the show and admired his unique style of work in various forms.
“Being in retirement has a huge time vacuum and keeping myself engaged in something positive was the sole purpose to try my hand at painting which ultimately giving me a kind of spiritual satisfaction while conveying my inner expression on the canvas,” he said.
Laitu was also part of the Sharjah Museum Department as a volunteer to offer his photographic skills for two years which is one of his many hobbies. “It was a wonderful experience to meet people from different backgrounds and nationalities to discuss everything under the sky and learning different things which is a constant process in my life,” he said.
He is also planning to hold free workshops for anyone who is interested in oil paintings and textile painting to ‘transfer’ his skills.
His next painting exhibition is all set to be held at the Arab Cultural Centre on March 2.
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Registration for 2nd AT EDUCOM

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By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

MORE and more students from Emirati universities are registering to participate in the second round of Assistive Applications Design Competition (At Educom). It is being organised by the Assistive Technology Centre of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) in collaboration with Quality of Life Centre in Seoul National University and LG Electronics.
The registration will last till next week before SCHS announces the names of accepted applicants.
Mohammad Nabulsi, Competition General Coordinator, has confirmed that the competition aims at raising awareness among students from Emirati universities of the role of Assistive Technology in empowering persons with disabilities; motivating those students to invent smart apps that will improve quality of life to persons with disabilities…
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1st Enable Market Fair

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

ONE of the unique market fairs will be showcasing the products made by over 45 differently-abled students in the first ever “Enable Market Fair” in Dubai next week.
Around 300 products made solely by the students with special needs ready to be marketed will be showcased in the day-long fair. As many as 45 students from 5 special needs centres across UAE will be participating in the Enable Fair 2017 as the UAE’s first social enterprise under Desert Group empowers people with cognitive disability to create their own start-ups and introduce SME Inclusion for the Disabled.
Enable is a Social Enterprise and CSR initiative by Desert Group all set to inaugurate its very first Enable Market Fair – a concept that will showcase the talents of the special needs, on Feb.18 at the Dubai Garden Centre located on Sheikh Zayed Road.
With an intention to further the vision of Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Dubai Strategy for Expo 2020 to create a whole infrastructure that enables a proper inclusion for people with disability within our society, the Enable Market Fair will present a retail opportunity for students within centres in Dubai who produce good marketable products and expose them to the business world. Apart from the products by Enable, the fair will witness the participation of esteemed special needs organisations in the UAE including Sharjah…
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