Osraty for Physio and Rehab Opens

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Physiotherapy centre opens at mall
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 23, 2016

DUBAI: Osraty for Physio and Rehab, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre equipped with modern facilities opened at Etihad Mall to serve community members in need of various physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.
The centre was inaugurated by Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Etihad Mall, Dubai in the presence of a number of dignitaries.
Dr Bushra Al Mulla, owner and founder of the Osraty for Physio and Rehab in an exclusive interview told The Gulf Today that the centre is equipped with latest techniques. The centre’s professional staff is specialised to treat physical and rehabilitation cases using physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric physical therapy and back-on-track therapy for elderly people.

“With all our services and modern facilities, we are ready to cater all age groups from birth to elderly need special physical and rehabilitation treatment like special needs cases and others including sports injuries, post-operation rehabilitation, neurological diseases and such others,” she said.
The unique of the centreis bilingual staff and havesome of specialized equipment including shock wave therapy, laser, ultrasound and biofeedback therapy as these equipment are only available in very few hospitals in the UAE.
“We have all intensive suit therapy for children with conditions like Cerebal Palsy, development delays, genetic disorders and different orthopedic conditions being catering in the Pediatric Physical Therapy besides gymnasium specialized for children and another separate for adults,” she added.
The centre has the capacity of catering 15 cases simultaneously with its rooms, halls and professional therapists and it will be opened with mall timing from 10am to 10pm.
Responding a question, Dr Bushra pointed that that they have tied up different hospitals, private clinics and organizations to provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. “The CDA is one of the important department of Dubai Government to handle social cases and we are tied up with them to provide different facilities to people with special needs having Sanad Cards issued by the CDA.” She added.
A number of high-ups from CDA also attended the opening of the Osraty including Dr Sheikha Alia Al Qasimi, CEO Social Development Sector CDA who termed the facility a unique and well-equipped to serve the community as the equipment present are only in very few places across the country.
“The Osraty with all its facilities for the community are reflection the directions of government vision My Community 2020 to provide best facilities and serve people with disabilities including Autism and number of other disciplines with qualified staff. The centre is also support CDA and people with disabilities having the Sanad Cards with discounts, offers and free services,” and added that “this centre will be a role model for others who wants to give back to the society.”

Rashid Centre: DIAS 2016

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Prominent Dubai artists support differently-abled
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 22, 2016

DUBAI: A group of prominent professional Dubai-based artists participated in the second edition of Dubai International Art Symposium 2016 (Dias) to create a wide range of paintings to support Rashid Centre for the Disabled.
The Dias 2016 is part of Rashid Culture Season activity and is being organised by the Rashid Centre for the Disabled under the patronage of Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum. The symposium which is in its second edition, saw the paintings made by the artists displayed at a gala dinner at The Palm Atlantis.

The 3-day event has been witnessing the participation of a number of Dubai-based artists belong to different nationalities and master in various forms of paintings. As part of the DIAS, the artists made paintings to choose any topic and form and finish their artwork in 3-days as all the paintings displayed to auctioned in star-studded high profile gala dinner to raise funds for the Rashid Centre.
Sanaa Merchant, an Indian Visual artist born and brought up in Sharjah has been participating first time in the DIAS. She is an artist doing abstract art with contemporary calligraphy paintings for the last many years.
Currently she is part of the team dealing fine arts in Sharjah Ladies Club as one of the supervisor to their art section and also working with an interior design company to produce abstract art pieces with contemporary art with abstract calligraphic touch for buyers consist of locals and expatriate community.
Shefali Ranthe from Denmark is based in Dubai for last 10-years and participating second time in the DIAS. Her painting for the DIAS event titled ‘Joy Of Life’ to express of the happiness and being in Dubai to enjoy every second of life. “My painting is showing happiness and sharing life with others as my message to others,” she said.
Shifali is part of an international art associations who organised events to promote her paintings in New York, Amsterdam and Massey recently while she took part in various art events in Dubai.
Responding to a question she said “being participating in the DIAS is great and an opportunity to meet so many professional contemporary artist under one roof and share the same cause which is to support people with special needs of Rashid Centre for Disabled.”
Bana Safar, an Arab realistic artist participated second time in the DIAS and made colourful ladies portraits in which she specialized.
She is based in Dubai for last 13-years and working as fashion designer and professional artist.
Bana is currently working on paintings for her first solo exhibition which is planned next year as so far a number of art pieces have been made to complete 20 paintings.
“The participation in the last year of DIAS was great as many people like our paintings and generated funds for Rashid Centre through the auctions of paintings made by artists as part of 3-day DIAS 2015 and same will happen to this season as well,” she mentioned.
The other artists participated in the second edition of DIAS 2016 were included Abdul Naser Oudeh, Suhail Badour, Faten Dawood, Lamees Abu Khalil and Majda Nasr Aldin.

Discussion: Wadeema’s Law

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Panel discusses child protection law
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 20, 2016

DUBAI: A panel discussion was held to discuss various aspects of the child protection law, named Wadeema’s Law, that is set to be implemented in June.A total of 24 government authorities and five key stakeholders were represented at the deliberation.
The meeting, which was held on Thursday at Rashida Majlis, was organised by the Community Development Authority (CDA).
The experts discussed the aspects in five key areas, namely: the social, the legal, the security angle, the psychological and the media. They explained to guests and members of the media the objectives of the law as well as painted a picture of enforcement of the law, which will be effective on June.
They noted that after implementing the law, every child in the UAE will be more protected.
Headed by Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of CDA, and managed by Dr. Abdelaziz Al Hammadi, Director of the Family Cohesion Department in CDA, the panel hosted Moza Shoumi, Member of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Judge Dr. Jassim Al-Hosni, the First Judge of Appeal in Dubai Courts, Major Dana Marzouki, Acting Director of the Child Protection Department of the Ministry of the Interior, Dr. Hussein Al Masih, Expert in the Sector of Development and Social Welfare in CDA, and Aisha Sultan, a writer and media expert.
Al Kamda said, “CDA is committed to child rights protection; the authority has been working intensively, during the past five years, to increase the social awareness of child rights that are stipulated in international agreements.” He added that the new law will give support to the plans and programmes related to child protection and will allow legal reference that should direct all actions to what is better for children.
“This panel is a kind of preparation for the law enforcement stage. We want to ensure that all the stakeholders as well as the public are on the same page and well aware of the law’s spirit before it reaches the implementation stage,” Al Kamda said.
Al Hammadi said, “The enforcement of the law will make a quantum leap in dealing with child protection issues in the UAE. The law is necessary to spread awareness among all the sectors of society that are directly or indirectly involved in child protection. We are planning to have a series of discussion panels with different groups and this is the first one.”
The UAE Cabinet is expected to issue the Implementing Regulations for the law after six months from the issuing day.
Responding to a question, an official stated that the panel discussion will be ongoing for months and will educate people about the law.
It is the responsibility of UAE residents to report to authorities any cases of abuse of children rights. Residents are mandated to inform the authorities about cases of mistreatment, sexual abuse, physical abuse by parents or any other person.

Kaseb Launches

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‘Kaseb’ initiative to help low-income citizens

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 19, 2016

DUBAI: As part of fostering partnership in community service and to develop a flagship Emirati paradigm for social responsibility, the Dubai Municipality has signed a partnership agreement with Community Development Authority (CDA) to launch a community initiative called “Kaseb.”
The new initiative aims to provide low-income citizens of Dubai and those registered with CDA with sustainable livelihood by offering investment opportunities for small projects. Beneficiaries will acquire skills for enhancing their livelihood and self-sufficiency without government aid.
Eng Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, explained that “Kaseb” is a community initiative which aims to help address the concerns and relieve the difficulties of citizens. He said that the Dubai Municipality will be in charge of the programme and cooperate with the CDA on implementation as well as the adoption of the appropriate standards and systems to ensure desired outcomes for the targeted groups.
The Dubai Municipality signed an agreement with a strategic partner playing a direct role in community service as part of its leading efforts to forge major partnerships with key parties.  “Kaseb” is a quantum leap for its beneficiaries and is a pioneering initiative that is expected to significantly contribute to the development of the field of community service.
The launch of  “Kaseb” coincides with a three-day job fair which begun on May 16 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It affirms the Dubai Municipality’s full commitment towards fulfilling its responsibilities to the community. The initiative is intended to enforce the Municipality’s strategic goal of effectively participating in various community development efforts.
“Kaseb” also reflects how the department places the welfare and satisfaction of society as a national priority, thus advancing sustainable development by consolidating the pillars of community participation and bringing about a bright and civilised future for citizens.
The initiative highlights the positive role of government departments in supporting development projects and implementing plans that contribute to nation-building through assistance and sponsorship as well as the adoption of unique, pioneering and innovative projects that promote the UAE’s sustainable development.
Among the main features of “Kaseb” is turning empty or unused land plots provided by the Dubai Municipality per agreed-upon standards into parking lots; developing the skills of Dubai’s citizens to take advantage of opportunities offered by the Dubai market, particularly in support of small projects; and maximizing the potentials of Dubai citizens to establish profitable and sustainable businesses.
The project’s main goal is to ensure sustainable livelihood for Dubai’s low-income citizens. Its other objectives include the mitigation of economic risks faced by low-income citizens targeted by the initiative; the consolidation of individual potentials in founding feasible businesses so as to enhance living conditions and self-reliance; and the provision of additional parking lots to address the lack of parking spaces in some areas of Dubai.
Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of the Community Development Authority, emphasized that the ‘Kaseb’ initiative tends to improve the individual’s life in the comunity, allowing them to live in dignity and independence.
“We work on creating opportunities and conditions for empowering households that deserve social aid to make them active community members who are able to contribute to national development,” Al Kamda said.
He pointed out that ‘Kaseb’ helps the CDA’s beneficiaries acquire skills in running small projects which open wider horizons for themto achieve self-sufficiency.
“This move highlights the importance of cooperation among government institutions in the Emirate of Dubai in order to support community members and develop effective partnerships that serve the interests of the country and its citizens,” H.E. added.
“We hope that new initiatives and projects will empower beneficiaries of social aid and promote their independence. This will positively affect them and promote social cohesion across the Emirate of Dubai.The Community Development Authority will oversee the ‘Kaseb’ initiative’simplementation and has prepared a plan to followup on the work of beneficiaries in cooperation with the Municipality,” he said.

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Event brings designers, food stylists together
The Gathering
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 16, 2016

DUBAI: A number of prominent and well-established designers along with professionals from the fashion and design industry participated in a unique event, ‘The Gathering,’ to help designers and customers home in on an affordable price range and exclusive designs in fashion, jewellery and home decoration pieces.
Organised by Nadine Dabboussi Kabbara, Managing Director of Dare To Wear, the Gathering was held at The Change Initiative as its second edition with 15 stalls to bring niche designs of clothes, home decoration items, paintings, wall hangings and others by professional designers to provide others with a chance to mingle with other like-minded people.
“It is a lifestyle event with the participation of designers from different backgrounds in Dubai to showcase their talent. The first edition of The Gathering was held last November at the Courtyard in Dubai, which got a huge response from designers and visitors alike,” said Nadine Kabbara, while talking to The Gulf Today. She added that “for this event, all designers are very much professionals and some of just started designing and we invited them because they are good and exceptional creators of unique pieces of clothes, jewellery and other designs,” she said.
Yasmin Idriss Tannir, a food stylist, who presented her Petites Choses, told The Gulf Today about her participation at The Gathering.
A graphic designer by profession whose family has a food business, Yasmin thinks out of the box, which is reflected in her creations and followed by a large number of people through her blog.
She has been participating in pop-up events in Dubai for the last eight years where people like her showcase their work in their respective field and meet people who love something chic, modern and traditional to express one’s inner satisfaction through their products, be it a food dish, fashion accessory or home decoration item.
“The Gathering at The Change Initiative is a platform for young designers gathered to showcase their latest products in art, garment, home decoration and others but from my side it’s food with a number of new dishes to reflect my own recipes, decoration and flavour,” she said.
She started eight years ago to showcase her talent of decorating cookies based on the recipe book ‘How to decorate cookies and cakes’ then gradually moved to her own style with home-made food.
Yasmin has been updating her own Instagram page daily with new recipes of food and trends.
“Today I’m meeting a number of my followers for the first time face-to-face which is great as I know them by name for a long time. Those who are following me on my social page also share the same passion as I do like food, trends and fashion,” she exclaimed.

Spectrum 2016

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Event brings joy to over 200 special needs kids
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 15, 2016

DUBAI: Over 200 children from four different special needs schools gathered to bring the colour of happiness in an event called Spectrum by the university students in their campus in Academic City Dubai.
The day-long event filled with sports and entertainment was organised by the members of the Social and Environment Club of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus on Thursday. The event was attended by the students of SNF Development Centre, Manzil Centre, Senses Center Residential and Day Care for Special Needs and Rashid Centre for Disabled who took part in an array of activities from group dance, singing, painting competitions besides winning goodies to games staged in the auditorium of the campus.
Ankita, the head of the social club, in her opening speech highlighted the aim of organising the event and said that it was their second year after the successful Sports Day held last year to bring children with special needs from three special needs centres.
“The world has to understand that these children are special needs kids and they are not meant to be shunned from society but rather welcomed with open arms. Spectrum 2016 was an attempt to do just this and we are optimistic that our students will provide all the care that they deserve through this day-long event,” she said.
The social club has been organising a number of activities throughout the year from environment related to blood donations and recycling to bring special needs students to their campus and Spectrum is the latest.The event was aimed at providing the children with a warm and accepting environment. It had a wide array of games and stalls that focused on what was most important – the entertainment and happiness of the children.
From games like ping pong bounce and knock-down-the-cans to simple yet delightful balloon animals and face painting, the event was festive, lively and colourful.
A senior official told The Gulf Today that besides a number of in-house activities by the club members, a group of students have been part of the volunteer programme for SNF Development Centre for four months. “Activities like Spectrum and volunteer programmes provide our students a chance to bring special needs students in the mainstream and help them towards inclusion in the society to take part in various activities with the help of normal students,” she said.
It was an event in which students from all four participating centres showed great enthusiasm especially at the games where small gifts from present to motivate them.
At the end, all the children were also provided goodie bags sponsored by various supporting companies.

May & Money: Shirjeel & Raisani

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IT seems that the month of May in the reign of PML-N proved as days when cash of local and foreign currency found in the houses of top officials. The echo is still making vibes everywhere as the officials raided Balochistan finance secretary Mushtaq Raisani’s house in Quetta and found around ‘Rs650 million in cash including local and foreign currency and gold jewellery weighing several kilograms’.Random Read1
Last year it was also the month was May when  the house of Sindh provincial minister Shirjeel Memon in Karachi raided by the officials and recovered ‘Rs2 billion’ in cash.
The case of Balochistan is difficult to understand as the people in government corridors – from bureaucracy to politicians – are not sincere and the poor are suffering many folds due to negligence and mismanagement of national resources by the officials.
Being following a couple of journalist friends belong to Balochistan on social media, people like me always encounter everyday with pictures of poor people dragging their lives in extreme conditions.
The money found in Memon’s house last year has no record so far and we the people of Pakistan hope to see the justice this time as corruption either in the name of Panama Papers or Raisani seems making the lives of common citizens more complicated.


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