GLC offers scholarships to needy

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GLC seminar

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

DESERVING students with the aim of pursuing higher education in business and information technology will get scholarships from 60 per cent to 100 per cent in tuition fees.
This was stated by Dr S.M. Tahir, Chairman, Global Learning Centre and Iqra Group, while talking to The Gulf Today on Monday. “This is the first time we are offering scholarships to students with financial constraints but pursuing higher education in the fields of business and IT. In this regard, we have met managements of various Pakistani and Indian schools with mid-range fee structure based in Dubai and Sharjah,” he said.  Currently around 300 students are studying in Business and IT faculties through morning and evening shifts in the GLC, which also offers flexibility in timings to those who are busy with their day job and wish to complete their studies through online courses. The academy is located in Al Mulla Plaza for over 17 years.
“We observe that there are students who could not complete their education due to limited financial resources from their families while the higher education in the UAE is being considered by many families as ‘very expensive’ and therefore wish to either discontinue their education after school or move back to their home countries. With the announcement of recent scholarships for such deserving students, we hope all those students with a passion for acquiring degrees will benefit from this,” he said.
The academy reached the mid-range fee structure schools and offered each school up to 12 scholarships, 2 with 100 per cent discount in tuition fee and the remaining with different packages according to their needs, from 60 per cent to above. The students have to pay only the royalties and other expenses of parent universities like examination and degree fees as the GLC is associated with UK-based Northampton University.

However, the GLC had recently organized a day-long workshop for professionals on the topic “How to Achieve a Career Breakthrough in 2017A, and conducted by Saleem Sufi, CFO Leadership Coach & Strategy Expert.
The workshop was attended over 100 professionals from different fields in based Dubai.
Sufi a Global Strategic CFO for more than 18 years working for world class Fortune 500 companies and top private equity firms in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and United States. He is a Harvard-trained strategy expert who has coached and trained hundreds of senior Finance professionals around the globe. He is the founder of MECA CFO Alliance and CFO Academy and dedicated to help Finance professionals grow in leadership roles.
The participants of the seminar discussed the three mega trends that are fast changing the dynamics of the job market in 2017 and what is working and what is not working for job seekers besides career paths available to corporate professionals and how to choose the one that helps you accelerate your career to the top and other related topics.
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DLD supports conference

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Dubai Land Department has announced that it will be the main sponsor of the AACE International Conference 2017 featuring around 40 expert speakers who will share their knowledge and international best practices for participants.
The conference will be held on May 1 & 2 at Roda Al Murooj hotel in Dubai under the theme ‘Protecting capital investment through project cost control and risk management’. Besides this, an exhibition will demonstrate the best technologies in the fields of cost control, risk management, consultancy and contracting, and awards will also be presented for best practice at both individual and organisational levels.
Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of Dubai Land Department, is proud that the department is the main sponsor of the AACE International Conference 2017 in Dubai, which enhances Dubai’s status as a world-leading host…
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Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

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ROBERT Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of its kind dealing with the fundamental need of everyone to become rich but mainly this book describes that most important subject of ‘money’ is lacking in schools. It has been present a narrative style to acquire the dream come true while unfolding ‘how and when’.
The book is jointly written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter first published in 1997 and so far sold millions of copies around the world.
The author through his story spanning from his childhood to adult life while spending his time with his mentor, father of his friend (Rich Dad) a by professional businessman running a wide range of small businesses and at the same time listening his own father (Poor Dad) who by professional a teacher had stressed on the regular education with high grades and pursue a better place in a major company. Random Read1
In his own way, the Rich Dad taught him how to acquire meaningful education to own the ladder of a major company rather to do the entire struggle for a ‘high place’.
The author through a number of examples had stressed on job-oriented segment of society that that can change smart initiatives while keeping day-job to equipped themselves for a better future. After reading this book, the reader learned the ‘smart ways’ to increase his savings to acquire assets and avoid piling up liabilities, a common mistakes by majority with the misunderstood of assets with liabilities.
While focusing on one’s understanding of business and investment opportunities around and how to pick ‘right assets’ to acquire, the author also highlighting the importance of ‘first giving then getting’ philosophy and said that one has to give first whatever he needs, either it is money, guidance or a suggestion. “Be generous with what you have and ‘power’ will generous with you”, he said.
The author has devoted many pages to highlight the very types of people like those discouraging others, lacking of right knowledge it passing ‘authentic suggestions’ to others, also those think to much and not taking any decisions, etc.
This is the right book – sold in millions around the world – for all those who want to change their lives in their current circumstances besides being acquiring right tools and smart measures.

PPW celebrates 30th anniversary

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

SCORES of community members from different walks of life and professions attended a sparkling evening to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Pakistan Professional Wing.
The event, a blend of live performances of professional and amateur singers and aspiring storyteller Taimur Rehman, was held at the Sheraton Grand hotel in Dubai. It was attended by Syed Javed Hassan, Consul General, Pakistan in Dubai and Northern Emirates, besides a huge number of PPW members, a wing of Pakistan Association Dubai.
The body was established in 1987 by a group of Pakistani professionals based in Dubai and Sharjah to contribute to the social and economic uplift of the community in the UAE.
In his opening remarks, Irfan W. Malik, chairman PPW, while highlighting the journey of three decades, said that the body with the support of its members and friends has carried out many educational and welfare activities for the community.
“The PPW since its inception played a pivotal role in extending help to underprivileged members of the Pakistani expatriate community in various social welfare programmes like providing school fees, health support, medical bills, house rents, food packages etc. to the needy. Around 2,000 community students in the UAE were supported in their academic career and provided Dhs10.40 million,” he said.
The PPW also conducted a large number of activities for its members on a regular basis by engaging the community including workshops, seminars, competition for students, musical performances, Eid parties and cricket matches.
Syed Javed Hassan, in his speech, lauded the huge list of achievements of PPW and suggested that the body should also arrange events to benefit the skilled labour force in Dubai working in small firms.
“Professionals are the backbone of every developed nation and to extend a helping hand to the less privileged segment of the society is a noble service,” he said.
However, the most interactive and engaging segment of the evening was the performance of Taimur Rehman, an aspiring storyteller who flew from Islamabad. Many were also surprised with the performance of Shabana Benjamin, one of the prominent singers who enthralled the audience with songs from the 80s and 90s. She had performed scores of songs on various Pakistani television programmes along with her two sisters – the group is known as Benjamin Sisters.
Apart from the educational support initiatives, the PPW in its endeavour to keep the Pakistani community well informed about happenings and events back home, organises informative sessions / discussion forums with prominent scholars, businessmen and entrepreneurs from the field of education, banking and finance who are specially flown in from Pakistan. The talks are part of a series of events organised by PPW throughout the year in which these outstanding professionals address an august gathering of professionals working and residing in Dubai and other emirates.
The body of Pakistani professionals has also helped newcomers find jobs in the UAE and in the last five years has assisted over 500 job seekers find employment in the UAE.
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Over 150 school students celebrate Earth Day

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Desert Group-2
By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

TO celebrate the World Earth Day, over 150 schoolchildren from various Dubai schools attended a day-long activity plan  including learning plantation and sapling trees.
The event was organised by the Dubai-based Desert Group, the region’s leading horticulture and landscape firm, in collaboration with Pink Mango Project for complimentary planting activities and tutorial for over 150 students from different schools in Dubai.
This day-long event held at the aptly chosen Dubai Garden Centre witnessed the attendance of students from all nationalities and various schools including Our Own English High School, Amled School, Gulf Indian High School and Oxford School and many others. The planting activity was conducted in batches of 20 students …
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Riders’ cruise, mall offers among attractions

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

MOTORISTS besides visitors at one of the most important arterial roads in Dubai have enjoyed the parade of HOG riders ‘Good Friends’ cruise from Sheikh Zayed Road to Dubai Parks and Resorts-Riverland. It was a ‘thunderous’ morning at the newest Dave’s in the UAE, filled with a gathering of Good Friends and great barbecue before the scorching heat of summer sets in Dubai.
The riders commenced their ride from HOG HQ on Sheikh Zayed Road all the way to Famous Dave’s in Riverland.
Meanwhile, Sahara Centre announced its exciting Extreme Action Like Never Before Campaign, which will run till May 10, and offers customers ample opportunities to become winners at the shopping complex.
Customers who spend a minimum of Dhs200 will have a unique chance to win one of two modified Special Edition…
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Interview: Taimur Rehman

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

EVERY literate person should invest in books for the benefit of his or her future generation as there is no alternative to the written word. It gives one great satisfaction to see that youngsters are inclined to Urdu literature in Pakistan, serving the language with great passion.
This was stated by Taimur Rehman, a young aspiring Urdu storyteller, writer and IT entrepreneur in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today on Saturday in Dubai.
Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Taimur is currently in Dubai to enthral Urdu lovers with his narration of Urdu poetry and prose.
Besides running an IT firm in Islamabad, he is also a consultant with Unicef in Pakistan on the eradication of polio and also does career counselling as a mentor for students in Middlesex University Dubai.
The passion and ‘addiction’ to Urdu literature courses through his veins. He started some five years ago narrating prose and poetry of famous literary personalities for small groups of youngsters in Islamabad. “I’m a diehard fan of Zia Mohiuddin, and people who once listen to me either in live performances or social media platforms appreciate me for following the tradition of narration in his footsteps and serving Urdu while at the same time enticing youngsters to incline towards the language,” he said.
Zia Mohiuddin is a prominent narrator of Urdu and English literature and well known for his style of narration of a wide scale of literary forms and who has performed all over the world.
Recalling his only meeting with Zia Mohiuddin, he said it was one of the most precious moments of his life he spent with his ‘guru’. “I told him about my passion for narrating Urdu literature and his only advice was ‘read, read and read’ to perform well in front of the audience. I’m following this and doing all my best to transfer this passion to my son who is also learning very fast,” he said.
Besides performing in various leading literary events all over Pakistan, Rehman has also attended a couple of events in Dubai and London to mesmerise Urdu lovers with his narration of classic Urdu literature.
He is working on a series of short videos to pay tribute to prominent Urdu literary personalities like Ghalib, Habib Jalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, John Eliya and others. “Once I finish recording the short videos, five-minute narrations to cover different aspects of these personalities for Urdu lovers, these will be uploaded on social media platforms.”
Known in his close circle of friends as ‘Qasid’  (messenger), Taimur is working on various projects to promote Urdu literature among the masses, especially those who are living in Western countries. “I’m working on a project with a group of artists based in Germany for an interactive session while similar ventures will be organised in other Western countries for Urdu lovers,” he said.
Highlighting the importance of books, he shed light on his personal library of Urdu books with over 1,200 titles of prominent literary personalities. He says books leave an everlasting impression for upcoming generations. “People like me who are working on promoting Urdu literature are happy to see more and more people coming into this realm and performing in different styles. Their only aim is to promote Urdu especially in youngsters. I learnt that a group in Dubai is also promoting the language by holding Urdu literary sessions while there are many non-government organisations which organise regular Urdu poetry sessions (mushairay) in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that are attended by a large number of Urdu lovers,” he said.
-Published at The Gulf Today