Interview: Zenofar Fathima

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Food show brings the rich heritage of Malaysia to Dubai
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 28, 2016

DUBAI: FoodAddict, a food show promoting Malaysian lifestyle with focus on health and fitness, has been receiving tremendous response from Melting Pot UAE particularly Dubai.
This was stated by Zenofar Fathima, Dubai resident and CEO, Zen Productions in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today. Fathima is a producer and anchor of FoodAddict, a TV show aired on Zee Middle East.
The production is a joint venture of Dubai resident and Malaysian entrepreneur owned Zen Productions. FoodAddict is the first TV show in the Middle East, promoting Malaysian cuisine in the region. The show aims at catering to 25 million multicultural tourist arrivals in Malaysia every year, which is home to a distinctive palette and a tapestry of flavours.
The one of its kind show focusing on the rich heritage of Malaysia will be instrumental in promoting various tourist destinations and lip smacking street food. Not just that, every episode will focus on health and fitness with a renowned Bollywood celebrity sharing tips and suggestions.
FoodAddict, with a tagline “The journey of great taste and good health” is set to feature weekly at 4:30PM on Saturdays. The show is shot entirely in Malaysia, which will introduce to the Middle East the rich flavours and cooking traditions of the multi ethnic country.
“We are very pleased to introduce Malaysia to the Middle East region, a country which is certainly known for its unique wonders, attractions, cuisine and cultures. Certainly when it comes to food, Malaysia is the best of Asia on a platter. I look forward to a successful first season and further look at expanding and discovering global cuisines for further seasons with the show,” she said.
The show also hosts a special section that will focus on eating right and healthy which will be explained by renowned Bollywood celebrities Rahul Dev and R Madhavan.
Responding a question she said that the target audience of the food show is the residence of Dubai, as tourists when they travel to Malaysia the show gives them a guideline to the different places they can eat and shop.
“The show also focuses on the various cultural activities that take place in the city. Not just that, bus also highlighting the best street food joints as well. We are also focusing on health and fitness, along with myself Rahul Dev shares exercise tips and tricks that you can use while you’re travelling,” she said.
For all the food lovers, the show also teaches secret recipes that can be recreated at home, and for the ones travelling it saves time on looking for places to eat and shop. There are many tourist from Dubai, and this show is a one stop show for them to know all the places they must go to.

PAD – Activities

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Youth prepare for UAE’s 1st Pak schools meet
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 28, 2016

DUBAI: Students from 10 different Pakistani schools in the UAE will showcase their projects, presentations at the UAE’s first all-Pakistani schools conference on Oct.29 at the Pakistan Auditorium in Dubai.
The event is being organised by the Pakistan Youth Forum (PYF) of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) for community students to present their ideas through presentations, posters, and panel discussions on three key global challenges – wastage of food, access to clean water, and climate change.
Several key leaders of the society, including popular local journalist and motivational speaker Khalid Al Ameri, have confirmed their attendance as speakers or judges at the Student Leadership Conference 2016.
In addition, Hammad Naqi Khan, Director-General and CEO of WWF-Pakistan, will also be flying in from Pakistan to attend the conference as an honorable member of the judging panel. Khan will interact with the students to highlight the impact of global challenges on our lives and the actions young Pakistanis and students can take for betterment of their environment.
The UAE has always supported dialogue and exchange of ideas to develop sustainable solutions to environmental issues. PYF-PAD aims to promote this practice to the younger generation of the Pakistani community residing in the country.
Pakistan Youth Forum plans to host the student conference annually in order to continue driving awareness of global challenges and encourage innovation from the young Pakistani community in the UAE.

Factory workers
Students from His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School Dubai thanked factory workers by visiting them and distributing care packages. The second edition of Shukran — an initiative by Pakistan Youth Forum, Pakistan Association Dubai to thank various segments of workers — took place recently at International Beverage & Filling Industry, Sharjah.
The school students distributed care packages to over 200 factory workers. These packages comprised food and beverage items that were useful for hydration and energy — such as water bottlers, ion supply drink solutions, boxes of energy-rich cereal, granola bars, and dates.
The workers had also organised musical chairs for the students, which was very much appreciated by the students and their teachers.
PYF-PAD initiated the Shukran visited the accommodation of Dubai Municipality workers and thanking over 500 of them by distributing care packages and iftar.

Fire Fighting Vehicle In Sahara

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Mall’s first dedicated fire fighting truck unveiled in Sharjah
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 28, 2016

SHARJAH: Sahara Centre has rolled out its new fire fighting truck for maintaining highly secure public spaces – the first such Rapid Intervention Vehicle in the UAE, purchased as a vehicle wholly devoted to the mall’s service and which is already on standby at the centre.
In a press preview, the unit demonstrated its full operation for media. The event was attended by representatives from Sharjah Civil Defence (SCD), NAFFCO- the world’s leading producers of top-tier fire fighting equipment, and the Sahara Centre Operation and Management team, together attended the official unveiling of the new vehicle.
The move places Sahara Centre at the forefront of international standards in safety and security, and is aimed at minimising risks and safeguarding the safety of all people visiting the mall.
The vehicle is the first fire fighting truck wholly devoted to a mall in the UAE and complements the centre’s already stringent fire fighting equipment and rescue procedures.
Akram Ammar, Managing Director, Sahara Centre, said: “We are pleased that our partnerships with SCD and NAFFCO have yielded this truly positive result for our consumers.
“The management authorised the purchase of this vehicle as part of its serious efforts to complement already high levels of security, with a firefighting truck that is wholly devoted to the safety of our customers now on standby at all times at Sahara Centre.”
This state-of-the-art Rapid Intervention Vehicle is designed to operate in tropical zones at high temperatures and in a salt-laden, high humidity atmosphere, and conceived to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability and accessibility for repair and maintenance.
The fire fighting truck has a standard specification for a Rapid Intervention Vehicle, Model F-550, 4X4, and is built in accordance with the global standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
Engineer Mohamad Mawed, an official from Naffco told The Gulf Today that the vehicles as part of the Rapid Intervention Vehicle will be deployed at the Mall round-the-clock and will be responsive in 2-minutes to any fire emergency.
“This Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) is a compact firefighting vehicle, manufactured by NAFFCO in UAE, its particularly suitable for rapid and safe operation in small areas.

Pak Community in Al Ain

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Pakistani passport can now be renewed online
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 25, 2016

SHARJAH: The Pakistani community in the UAE is getting relief as government of Pakistan has initiated online renewal of machine readable passport (MRP). The new move, post the online renewal of computerised identity cards, have brought relief for hundreds of people who daily visit Pakistan missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
To spread awareness and for briefing on the new system, Board of Trustees of Pakistan, Islamic Private School Al Ain and residents of Al Ain have hosted a dinner for officials from the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
Moazzam A Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan in the UAE was the chief guest. Officers from passport and National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) were also present.
During the evening, the officials briefed the community members about the new system launched by the Ministry of Interior for overseas Pakistanis to renew their machine readable passports through online.
Moazzam A Khan assured the community members in Al Ain that the officials at the embassy are ready to serve them and now with new system there is no need to visit the missions in their respective emirates. “The passports will arrive at doorsteps of the applicant once it is ready. All the documentations process will be completed online even the payment made easy through debt and credit cards,” he said.
Abdul Hadi Asakzai, a community member told The Gulf Today that the evening was hosted by a group of businessmen in honour of newly appointed ambassador and meeting with the community.
The residents also raised the issue of Pakistani school in Al Ain which needs more attention from curriculum to management improvement.
The Ambassador assured to resolve the issue and also distributed the mobile phone numbers of passport and Nadra officials. He asked them to contact the officials between 2pm to 4pm for their inquiries.
Samar Javed, Acting Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai told the media in an informal meeting recently that the dispatching of renewed passport through courier will be according to the government policy. An event to raise awareness regarding this will be organised soon in Dubai.

MED-EL Event Dubai

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Awareness event held for individuals with hearing loss
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 23, 2016

DUBAI: A large number of people do not consider hearing impairment a highly severe health issue. Only 56 per cent of respondents believe that hearing impairment is a serious problem, revealed a survey conducted with the participation of total of 410,525 people in the UAE.
The survey was conducted by MED-EL Medical Electronics, the leading provider of hearing implant systems, recently and shared their findings with the media while hosting an event as part of its ongoing efforts to drive stronger awareness on hearing loss attended by hearing impaired patients and candidates in the UAE.
The event took place in Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai on Oct.22, serving as a platform for cochlear implant patients and candidates to get together and gain valuable information about cochlear implant systems, and how to optimise their use of it in day-to-day life.
Resulting from a strengthened level of conversation with patients, MED-EL realised the pounding need for patients and their families to remain up to date with the latest advancements in cochlear implant technology. Furthermore, bringing the cochlear implant community together is essential to showcasing the accessibility that hearing implants have given to many children and adults; allowing them to be part of the hearing world that they would’ve otherwise been excluded from.
During the event, David Raetz, CEO, MED-EL Middle East said: “Many individuals who have hearing loss are still either unaware or sceptical of how well this solution works. And with this living a life of silence, unable to communicate adequately with the surrounding community, forced into limited career and social opportunities.”
He said that currently, many countries in the region, including the UAE, are taking active measures towards giving access to individuals with hearing disabilities. “We believe cochlear implant patients are the true driver for increased awareness. It is their journeys and success stories that depict a true testament to how well this life-changing technology works. We would, therefore, like to encourage them to be the ambassadors of their own cause, to give hearing loss the attention it deserves,” he added.
The event brought together many patients, who had the opportunity to interact and share their stories with other patients, as well as MED-EL experts.
The event was concluded with a dedicated individual Q&A session, where patients were able to directly channel their personal questions and engage in discussions with MED-EL professionals. Additionally, patients shared their recommendations and suggestions for growing the hearing impairment awareness platform in the UAE and the Arab region.

HHC-Dubai Airports

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Heritage centre targets tourists, visitors

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 22, 2016

DUBAI: Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre (HHC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dubai Airports, aimed at enhancing the centre’s efforts to raise awareness of Emirati national heritage, particularly amongst visitors and tourists.
The MoU was signed by Jamal Al Hai, Vice President Dubai Airports and Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmook, CEO of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre.
The memorandum signing demonstrates great enthusiasm from both parties in collaborating and coordinating efforts towards achieving their shared vision to preserve and promote intangible Emiraticultural heritage.
The memorandum will also explore opportunities for cooperation across a number of fields.
Al Hai said: “We are delighted to strengthen our collaboration with the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre, to support the vision of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council.
“Dubai Airports will provide many forms of support to the centre in order to promote heritage and champion initiatives that highlight Dubai’s popular national identity to its visitors.
“In addition, the centre will support us in celebrating national events, especially the UAE National Day.”

Downtown Show

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‘Downtown Show’ brings high fashion
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 22, 2016

DUBAI: Visitors from various Asian, Western and other communities had a field day as a day-long “Downtown Show” provided an opportunity to grab prominent, high-end fashion garments, foot wares and jewellery products.
The fashion and lifestyle exhibition with over 35 brands from India, Pakistan and Emirati crafts was recently held at the Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai.
The event was organised by the Dubai-based Pakistani duo, Sadia Khan and Hena Khan, to bring prominent high-end Pakistani and Indian fashion designers to showcase their latest creation in clothes, jewellery and other accessories to fulfil the local demands.
Talking to The Gulf Today, she pointed out that Pakistani and Indian fashion at the local market has huge events like “Downtown Shows” and other exhibitions are the only options to cater for the demands of expatriate women.
“We have been organising such events on different occasions to invite Pakistani and other prominent fashion designers to showcase and sell their dresses at affordable prices.
“We are happy that the number of customers increases with every new event,” she said.
Khan started organising events like cooking and other gatherings 10 years ago to bring like-minded people via social networking events and provide a platform for the expatriate community in Dubai. Some of the events organised by Khan include “Appetite by Sadia Khan” in Dubai, “Celebizz – shopping with celebrities” at Dubai, “Corporate Galas, Suhoors and Iftars” Dubai, weekly cooking shows with celebrity chefs at Dubai, and various exhibitions arranged for budding and well-known entrepreneurs from Pakistan.
Khan, who was part of the “Downtown Show”, is a well-known name in the industry and the founder of UAE’s largest community group called “UAE MUMS”.
She has over 100 successful events to her credit; as her platform H&D has carved a niche for itself; whether it is exhibitions, fashion shows, networking events, festivals, fund-raisers or pageants.
Khan established a broad group of supporters inspired by her determination and her dedication for countless events.
“Women from not only expatriate communities from Pakistan and India in the UAE are fond of Pakistan-based luxury fashion brands but there are many locals and Westerners who regularly buy traditional clothes, jewellery and footwear,” she said.
The participating exhibitors were prominent names such as Amato Couture, Munib Nawaz, Gehna Jewellers, Biori, Mahreen Gul, Ajrak, Spectrum, Nazish Ethesham and others.
It was a mix of Pakistani and Indian designers and so was the footfall.
The admirers of high-end brands were seen flaunting their shopping bags as they walked away happily out of the exhibition.
Many commented that the pricing was very reasonable compared to other exhibitions attended.
During the show, contestants of “Indian Princess”, a famous beauty pageant made the evening more glamorous as the visitors especially families gathered to opt the opportunity of taking photographs with them.
The team participated in the event with about 30 of their models walking through the ballroom amongst the exhibitors and the surprised visitors.