Winter Fair 2018

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Scores of families from different nationalities and individuals from various sectors attended the day-long Winter Fair 2018 to extend their profound support towards the people of determination.
The Winter Fair 2018 included a number of activities for children and families and was organised by Rashid Centre for the Determined Ones in its premises on Saturday.
The students from the vocational training departments including art, embroidery, carpentry, gardening and others set up their stalls to display their products.
The visitors not only bought these things but also encouraged them on their skills.
A number of patrons also set up their stalls for clothes, makeup, fashion accessories and others as part of the fair.
Mariam Othman, Director General of Rashid Centre along with a group of patrons opened the fair and helped visitors tour the centre and also appreciated the children.
Rashid Centre held a public art exhibition in cooperation with Avaya, which auctioned paintings produced by Rashid Centre’s students in order to raise funds for the school, with proceeds going towards the tuition of the students. The paintings were shown at the Avaya Partner Summit 2019 held in Dubai.
In line with the UAE government’s steps to empower people of determination, the Rashid Centre provides quality education and therapy services to children with special needs. As a global communications provider, Avaya also supports efforts to create a more inclusive society.
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Interview: Fatma Khalid

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Expert underlines importance of ‘early identification’ for children

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

An expert in special needs education has observed that ‘early identification’ of young children has been one of the best tools to identify their abilities and special talents and most importantly through monitoring a child’s unique talents and nurture those skills through differentiated instruction.

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This was stated by Fatma Khalid, Director, Blue Bird Nursery, in an interview with The Gulf Today. The nursery was established in 2016 as an educational organisation and currently has two branches in Nadd Al Hammar and Dubai South. It has embarked on an early intervention programme that includes regular evaluations to identify children’s abilities and special talents.
Her educational background includes teacher training from Cambridge University (UK), coaching and mentoring Graydin Ltd (UK) and Masters in Educational Leadership in Middlesex University. She is also a candidate for the NPQSL with UCL Institute of Education (UK).
“The unique aspect of this process is the ‘early identification’ which is done from the age of 4 months. Children are constantly being monitored to measure developmental milestones which can include hearing, motor skills and visual impairments that can be difficult to identify early on in a child’s life. The process is conducted by practitioners where each child is observed in different settings to determine and assess progress,” she said.
The process is the active collaboration between parents, practitioners and therapists which provides a triangulated support system unique to early years’ establishment.
“Our practitioners are trained and qualified in using the developmental milestones and follow a typical growth chart as a benchmark whilst understanding every child’s unique development. The evaluation process determines a child’s developmental stage and consequently record any delays which are then shared with guardians, parents and ultimately child psychologists,” she said.
Shedding light on the unique standard practice in the Blue Bird nurseries she said that the main objective of this programme is the early identification and intervention. “We have received a significant number of children whose delays and unique talents have gone unidentified which has then affected their progress immensely in later years. Our focus is to achieve the understanding and ability to build awareness on providing specific resources and instruction designed for children with unique abilities and supplementary needs even as early as four months.”
She also underlined the need for awareness especially in early years and nurseries that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial and any developmental delays or talents that are missed can impact a child’s performance in the long term.
She pointed since initiating this programme parents’ response has been really positive and most of them have been appreciative of the teachers’ effort in recognising delays and providing intervention in collaboration with the therapists and psychologists.
We need to place special focus on including ‘people of determination’ and design instructions and facilities that cater and accommodate for their specific needs. Focus should also be driven in recognising special talents or gifts and nurture these through support and collaboration of different institutions in arts and technology.
“Our goals include creating awareness about special ‘early’ years programmes that foster creativity and innovation even in the early years as talents and special skills can be identified as early as the ages of 1-2 years.” She added.
The Community Development Authority (CDA) has been extending immense support in providing intervention and discussing strategies with our practitioners.
She further added that leaders in education need to stay grounded in a higher moral purpose, dedicating their vision and goals to enriching children’s lives, constantly embark on a journey of discovering and developing pedagogy suited and appropriate for all learners ensuring that every child is given equal opportunity to grow and succeed in life. When we all stand for the child no one will be left behind.
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‘UAE-Pakrelations on right track’

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

The current government has been formalising a comprehensive policy to benefit overseas Pakistanis and soon it will be launched. This was stated by Asad Qaiser, Speaker of the National Assembly, Pakistan during an interaction with the community at the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai.

He assured that the current government led by Imran Khan was working tirelessly to improve overall conditions in the country, from legislation to create more job opportunities and soon a package with more benefits would be launched to facilitate overseas Pakistanis.

The event was organised by the Embassy of Pakistan and Pakistan…

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The Gateway to Dubai 2018

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Vietnam to boost business ties with ME

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Dubai is a world of opportunity and is constantly expanding and evolving. It offers a huge potential for almost all business sectors to establish themselves and flourish in the region.
“Over the past four years, with the support of The Gateway to Dubai, we have seen Vietnamese business’ start to have a big impact in the UAE market and we want to see this continue,” said Van T, Managing Director of VANTT Consulting and organiser of the interactive session to bring business community across Middle East and Vietnam.
“The Gateway to Dubai arranges bi-annual meetings and invites key Vietnamese business owners, CEO’s and experts in their respective fields to a three-day event to introduce them to like minded experts in Dubai who can help them with company formation, legal advice, investment and general advice and support in establishing and growing a business in the UAE. The three-day event is interactive and offers each delegate the opportunity to present, network, build relationships, and ask questions and to explore the wonderful city of Dubai,” he said.
He further said there is a large gap between the Dubai and Vietnamese business community and through a number of initiatives we are aiming to bridge this gap. Whilst addressing one of the lead speakers at the 4th edition of the Gateway to Dubai 2018 held at the Rose Reyhaan, Dubai Van T said “Dubai provides a unique hub for business opportunities with its multicultural communities from every corner of the world living in harmony in a unique, luxurious lifestyle. We are now bridging the gap between Vietnamese and local businesses to promote different sectors such as trading, tourism, health, hospitality and many more,”
Van T also mentioned that the team of Expo 2020 attended their last event and offered a detailed presentation outlining the opportunity 2020 offers and extending support for this year’s event as well.

He further said that through the earlier events, businessmen are understanding what we are doing and through the extended support from the local government entities we are ensuring that our mission will successful to bring more business in the local market.
Tarkighan Faibee, Managing Partner IBG Consulting said that “The Gateway To Dubai event was a fantastic opportunity to network with great minds and know about investment opportunities in diverse industries. The opportunity provided by VANTT Consulting is to meet successful businesses and how we succeed these in the local market.”
He further termed the event as a great networking opportunity on personal level to build trusted relationship with other businesses to further expand our reach.
Nguyen Minh Chau, Business Manager TC Distribution & Trading Co. Ltd., has said that “the Middle East has a huge potential for Vietnamese products and we are optimistic that Dubai will be a great opportunity for us to do business. We are looking for a local partner to bring different Vietnamese products in the local market and offer the local community a real taste of our wide range of products.”
David Dying, President & CEO California Waste Solutions said that through attending the “Gateway To Dubai” event, besides meeting with local business representatives across diverse field we also learned a lot about local cultural, laws, employment, licensing as well as knowledge about the potential of great business opportunities. We are surprised to see the openness in the ocal market and hopefully we will come back again to explore more opportunities and seek local partnership for business like us,” he added.
Charlie Quy Ton, Founder Regal Nails Salon & Spa, USA said, “We are here to explore local market and seek local partners to expand our business with setting up franchise. We are surprised to see the growth in local market. We want to find a master franchise to set up stores/salon in residential areas as we think through a strong partnership we can open 50 stores in Dubai easily. We have a comprehensive concept for expansion from designing a business module to training staff and offer the local customers a better option through our products,” he said.
The conference was organised by VANTT Consulting in association with Entrepreneur UAE and supported by Vietnam Tourism and World Green Citizen as sustainable investment partner, Pocko Entities Ltd. And Synapse Consulting as strategic partners and PHO Bolsa TV as media partner.
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Jamal Suliman visits Rashid Centre

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Students from Rashid Centre for the Determined Ones have been receiving prominent and remarkable personalities in their centre who during their visits review the progress in rehabilitation and educational training services.
A recent visitor from the Arab showbiz scene was Jamal Suliman, a prominent Syrian producer, director and television, film, and stage actor.
He was received by Mariam Othman, Director General of Rashid Centre, who accompanied him during the tour of different sections at the Centre and assessed the rehabilitation programmes.
He was briefed on its services and treatment programmes. He also interacted with students and their teachers while visiting the vocational training workshops including agriculture, carpentry, embroidery and others.
Jamal highly appreciated the talent of students in the Arts Department where the group not only performed dances and sung songs but also showcased their talents.
He was told that that the drama performances including singing and acting were part of the centre’s treatment programmes.
Mariam Othman expressed her profound appreciation for the visit of the Syrian star, stressing that the centre, which since its inception in 1994 has been receiving stars from the fields of art, media and sports, has been a great help in promoting issues faced by these children and how they are being treated to integrate them into mainstream society.
Jamal assured the Centre of his support for its unique services towards the students with disabilities through highly professional and qualified staff in every section, from education to rehabilitation.
“Today we have seen talent in sports, arts and vocational training sections by the students of determination and their talent is no less than people in mainstream fields, especially in the arts field,” he added. Later, he was awarded a shield and a painting made by the students of Rashid Centre.
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Work on Pakistan Centre reaches halfway mark

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Construction work on the Dhs15 million Pakistan Centre project is in full swing, having reached halfway of its completion before August 14, 2019. The project has gathered the Pakistani and non-Pakistani diaspora through the innovative ‘Own a Brick’ campaign.
The community project with a number of facilities – from non-for-profit health centre, club, restaurant and others – was launched in August 2016 to raise funds through ‘own a brick’ with a total of 15,000 bricks to own. Each brick valued at Dh1,000 gives every contributing individual a 10-year membership of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD).
Legendary Pakistani playwright Anwar Maqsood visited and reassured his support for the project. He had twice contributed his time and skills in bringing the community together at the Association.
“It’s a beautiful sight to see a dream come true. As a nation the community came together for a common objective of serving the less fortunate,” exclaimed Maqsood, who will also be contributing his paintings…
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Drive highlights genetic diseases

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09-New Hope

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Scores of children with special needs and their parents attended the day-long fun activities as part of the awareness campaign to avoid genetic diseases in the Senses Residence and Care for Special Needs.
The fun-filled activities and awareness sessions were organised by the New Hope IVF Gynaecology & Fertility Hospital as part of its month-long activities to celebrate the Year of Zayed.
Walaa Estanbouli, Director of the hospital, told The Gulf Today the technology has been evolved and through treatment we can avoid abnormalities. “We have been providing genetic treatments in chromosomes to avoid disabilities and people should be aware …
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