DUBLIN Drive 2015

Hello Friends Welcome to Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath) Drive 2015,
This photo series is based on my recent travel to Dublin on a Press Trip to attend the 4-day Bram Stoker Festival & Irish Design 2015 exhibitions.
Through these photos you are going to see the city from my point of view.
Hope you love the photos as I loved the city.
Sláinte (cheers)!

A Church A Designers Shop A house A Mall A Market1 A Market2 A nice gift idea A Street Lamp A Wine Shop An Alley Bailey Light House Building3 Business Class Travel Experience Bustling Business Street Chester Beatty Library1 Chester Beatty Library2 Chester Beatty Library3 Chester Beatty Library4 Cobble street & an autumn leaf Dolly Mount Beach1 Dolly Mount Beach2 Dolly Mount Beach3 Dublin Castle1 Dublin Castle2 Dublin Castle3 Dublin Castle4 Dublin Castle5 Dublin Castle6 Dublin Castle7 Dublin Castle8 Dublin Castle9 Dublin International airport Famin statue
Freemason Hall1
Freemason Hall2 Islamic Cultural Centre1 Islamic Cultural Centre2 James Joyce Sweny Jim @ Dolly Mount Beach Jim @ Dolly Mount Beach2 Jim @ Dolly Mount Beach3 Jim @ Dublin Castle1 Jim @ Phoenix Park1
Jim @ The Little Museum

Jim @ Trinity College1
Jim @ Trinity College2 Malahide Castle1 Malahide Castle2 Malahide Castle3 Malahide Castle4 Malahide Castle5 Malahide Castle6 Marino 15 - birth place of Bram Stoker molly malone statue1 Night Life 1 Night Life 2 Night Life 3 Night Life 4 Phoenix Park1 Phoenix Park2 St Stephen Park1 St Stephen Park2 Thank you Guys The Building1 The Building2 The Group @ Dublin Castle The Little Museum1 The Little Museum-U2 The Mansion house The Marrion1 The Marrion2 The Marrion3 The Only Indian Connection The other use of barrel Tree Art Trinity College1 Trinity College2 Trinity College3 Trinity College4 Trinity College5 West Pier Howth

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