GULF Bike Expo 2009
Thrills On Wheels

By Jamil Khan

DUBAI Festival City recently witnessed one of the biggest exhibition, Gulf Bike Expo 2009 in which hundreds of bikes and bike manufacturers along with thousands of visitors took part in the 3-day amazing extravaganza.
The entire arena which electrified by hundreds of bikers attire typical costumes like denim pants, leather jackets full of badges showing thehistory of their travel throughout the world while also wore colourful bandanas covered their heads and arms.
The major features which captivated the attention of visitors especially youngsters were stunning performances of professionals’ stunt shows, live music concerts and display of world’s renowned motorcycles under one roof.
The exhibition had received 50 exhibitors from different parts of the world who flaunted their amazing bikes, ATVs, apparel, accessories, custom-designed bikes besides all motorcycle-related products to enthrall the visitors.
The prominent exhibitors were including Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha, Buell, Confederate, Suzuki, Nomad, Aprilia, Pirelli, Victory/Polaris, Scorpion Customs, KTM, Zeel Designs, Revolution, Al Badayer, Motor Barn, HZ Googles, Spider, Velocity, Two Brothers Racing USA, Red Art Inc, One Industries, Hinson Clutch Components, Acerbis, ITP Race Gear, Pro Armor Racing, Maier USA, Schampa Technical Wear, Draggin Jeans, R&G Racing Products, California Super Bike School and many more.
The Piazza Area, a part of the 3-day exhibition was also congregated by all age group to listen and enjoy various local and international bands and DJs, like Deep Purple from England while locals’ including Abri, Juliana Down, Lumi, Paul Akiki, Jonas Desai and The Meerkats.
Besides the displaying of bikes, the stunt arena was also a major part of the exhibition in which different stunt groups had showed their exhilarating stunts. They performed various stunts on bikes like one-wheeling, acrobat stunts on fast moving bikes, jumping and many more. The prominent bikers who performed stunts were including duo, Rome and Randie, Nick de Wit (Sick Nick), Fredrik Berggren (Frog), Kane Friesen, Eric Whitcome and Scorpion Team of Street Bikers of USA.
On the second day, more then 500 bikers including famous Black Eagles Motorcycle Club, Desert Warriors, The Harley Owners Group-Dubai Chapter and a number of individuals had participated in first ever charity ride, ‘Wheels for Autism’. The ride cruised over 75-kilometer around Dubai to support the Dubai Autism Centre to create awareness and funds for the charity.
The show was inaugurated by famous local sportsman, Mohammed Bin Sulayem, who is also President of the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE. The exhibition was not an exclusive even of bike lovers but those who love extreme sports had visited along with their families. The young kids were seen trying to put their hands on colourful heavy bikes and seen photographing by their parents either with cell phones or portable digital cameras.
A number of stalls offering vibrant coloured gears of bikers like helmets, T-shirts, jackets, variety of silver necklaces, bandanas and a range of related things. Christopher Hudson, Managing Director of organizer Mecom Forums had termed the event is a platform for the future’s exhibitions besides paving the way for the industry in the upcoming years.
On the final day, the organizers had also awarded various prizes for the categories of freestyle, Best Custom, Best American Touring, Best Metric Touring, Best Big Twin, Best V-Rod Bike, Best Vintage Bike, Best Street Fighter and Best Sport Bike.
-Published in Young World-Dawn | April 04, 2009

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