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Northern Ireland is currently celebrating Year of Food and Drink 2016 and as part of the UAE media team we visited — from Aug 21-26, 2016 — a number of places in Northern Ireland to attend food factories, processing units, distillery  and apple orchards . The Northern Ireland – a great destination for lovers of good food and drink – has a great number of restaurants, cafes, bars, plenty of green farms, orchards, hotels, markets and more.
Here are my stories published in The Gulf Today covering different aspects of Northern Ireland trip:

Here are some additional pictures to prove my point of a great visit.

The Old Bushmills Distillery1 Titanic Belfast4 Titanic Belfast3 The Old Bushmills Distillery5 The Old Bushmills Distillery4 The Old Bushmills Distillery3 The Old Bushmills Distillery2 Titanic Belfast8 Titanic Belfast6 Titanic Belfast5 Titanic Belfast9 Titanic Belfast10 Suki Tea5 Suki Tea4 McCann's Bramley Orchad11 McCann's Bramley Orchad10 McCann's Bramley Orchad8 McCann's Bramley Orchad7 McCann's Bramley Orchad6 McCann's Bramley Orchad5 McCann's Bramley Orchad3 Lough Erne Hotel19 Lough Erne Hotel17 Lough Erne Hotel16 Lough Erne Hotel15 Lough Erne Hotel14 Lough Erne Hotel12 Lough Erne Hotel11 Lough Erne Hotel10 Lough Erne Hotel9 Lough Erne Hotel3 Lough Erne Hotel2 Lough Erne Hotel1 London Heathrow 4 London Heathrow 3 London Heathrow 2 Jim-Titanic Belfast11 Jim-McCann's Bramley Orchad22 Jim-McCann's Bramley Orchad3 Jim-McCann's Bramley Orchad Jim-Lough Erne Hotel7

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Jim-London Taxi Jim-Giants Causeway3 Jim-Giants Causeway2

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Jim-Belfast City Centre 11

Taken with Lumia Selfie

James Street South Cookery School 11 James Street South Cookery school5 Heathro Airport1 Giants Causeway8 Giants Causeway7 Giants Causeway6 Giants Causeway5 Giants Causeway4 Giants Causeway1 F & B 14 F & B 13 F & B 11 Dunluce Castle3 Dunluce Castle1 Belfast F&B 5 Belfast F&B 3 Belfast F&B 2 Belfast F&B 1 Belfast City Centre 15 Belfast City Centre 14 Belfast City Centre 13 Belfast City Centre 12 Belfast City Centre 11 Belfast City Centre15 Belfast City Centre14 Belfast City Centre13 Belfast City Centre12 Belfast City Centre11 Belfast City Centre9 Belfast City Centre8 Belfast City Centre6 Belfast City Centre5 Belfast City Centre4 Belfast City Centre3 Belfast City Centre2 Belfast City Centre1 Armagh Moody Boar Place Stable1 Armagh14 Armagh13 Armagh12 Armagh11

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