KARACHI Mini Zoo(s)


Mini zoos gaining popularity

By Jamil Khan

NOT long ago, there was only one zoo in the whole city of Karachi. Before the independence of Pakistan it was known as Gandhi Garden but then was renamed as Karachi Zoological Garden. But majority of people living in the old parts of the city still call it Gandhi Garden which has become one of the most happening picnic spots for families. The zoological garden provides a fine place for families to enjoy amid the hundreds of animals brought from all corners of the world.
Some time back, Karachi’s local government also set up a major zoo in Landhi area but many people living in other parts of the city are not aware of its existence or have no idea how to reach there. This zoo is located in Landhi No. 6 and has a variety of animals but not many people are seen there as it’s far from the main city and people have to travel a long distance to reach there. Therefore majority of people prefer to visit Karachi Zoological Garden. However, Landhi zoo is an ideal picnic point for people living in nearby areas.
To divert the heavy flow of people and ease overcrowding at Karachi Zoo, local administrations of Shah Faisal and Jamshed Town have also set up two mini zoos in their respective areas.

Shah Faisal Town administration has established a mini zoo in Hasrat Mohani Model Park at Rafah-i-Aam Society, Malir and was inaugurated last year by the City Nazim. One portion of the park has been reserved for cages to house a limited variety of parrots, turkeys, spotted deer and monkeys. These animals are a source of amusement for people of all age groups.
There is no entry fee and people from surrounding areas of this society along with their families regularly visit this park.
Likewise a few months ago, Jamshed Town also developed Mir Usman Ali Park located on New M.A. Jinnah Road near Jail Chowrangi and established a mini zoo there. This mini zoo is much larger than the one at Shah Faisal Park and has over a dozen cages spread over a relatively huge area. The Park also has a separate play area for children.

The mini zoo has white peacock, black shoulder peacock, crane, flamingos, cocktail doves, baby crocodiles, African monkeys, Australian parrots, macaws, olive baboon and golden pheasants.
The neat and clean park and well-kept animals in their cages prove the devotion of the town administration towards leisure development. “The number of visitors has been increasing since the inauguration of the park and to entertain the kids, we have built a separate play area. Food stalls and ice-cream parlour have also been set up there to serve the people who come here to spend some light moments with their families,” said an official.
-Published in Young World-Dawn | April 26, 2008


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