Pak community gears up for country’s 70th I-Day celebrations

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By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

THE Pakistani community in the UAE is gearing up to celebrate the 70th Independence anniversary of Pakistan on Aug.14 along with their brethren all over the world. In this regard, Pakistani missions and social organisations have been finalising the series of events to bring all segments of the community on a single platform to extend peace, unity and prosperity message to the world.
The official ceremony of flag hoisting and reading of messages of president and prime minister of the country will be held at the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate in Dubai. These ceremonies have been attended by community members from different segments, officials from the missions and schoolchildren from the community schools every year to show their commitment to the country and collectively pledged…
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Interview: Anjum Rana

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Art On The Move

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

CARGO trucks and inter-city buses on Pakistani roads have been considered one of the best decorated with a wide range of designs with beautiful paints of scenes, birds, flowers, portraits of prominent personalities as well as calligraphy poetry to capture the attention of passersby.
As a philanthropic project, Anjum Rana has been taking Pakistan folk truck art to new heights with the aim of promoting the local artists’ craftsmanship and their financial needs.
In a recent interview, she shed light on her project and background while working on a project in Dubai.
Painters, commonly known across Pakistan, these

Tribal Truck Art -2

artists decorate buses and trucks with motif patterns, pictures of popular politicians, army generals, beautiful birds like peacocks, rabbits, pigeons, other

s and mainly the landscapes of their favourite upcountry sites.
Anjum Rana has the qualifications of an interior designer and grew up in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to see the decorated buses and trucks with unique style of vibrant colour paintings of different patterns.
She became fond of such vibrant colour decorated paintings and started a project to preserve the tradition and the artisan. She founded the Tribal Truck Art some 17 years ago, and reached out to artists working in different parts of the country, providing the platform to earn money besides preserving and promoting the unique form of art to the world. Tribal Truck Art -1
“Some 17 years ago, no one was giving any attention to this but now truck art is a big thing in Pakistan in term of designing products with vibrant paintings. I have given them an alternate source of income to design products with truck art. Either these products are sold or not but they are getting their fair share,” she said.
“I’m the first woman to enter a man’s world of truck art painters while belonging to the Pashto speaking background, I had no difficulty in pursuing these artists to work with me. While visiting these workshops, I noticed that the conditions these people were surrounded with were extremely hard and once they reach old age one has to quit the profession as they are unable to cope with such hard conditions,” she said.
She added that it was this that motivated her to set up the Tribal Truck Art platform to support these artisans. Through her platform, she helped these artists across Pakistan transfer their attractive designs onto everyday objects like coffee mugs, variety of home decoration objects, chairs, kettles and such other accessories to generate income.
She now has a range of a variety of products and showcased them in exclusive exhibitions in collaboration with Pakistani missions abroad in different cities across Europe, Beirut, Amman, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Jakarta.
In the UAE, she has worked with individuals and hotels to transform their places with Pakistan signature truck art. In a big step forward, she has collaborated with a duo of truck artists in Dubai to complete a restaurant project based on the patterns of Pakistan exotic truck art. “This will be my major project in Dubai to show the local community that our artists and their work has its own place in the world. Soon we will have an exhibition in Dubai to showcase household accessories designed by our artists from Pakistan,” she said.
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What about the illegal assets?

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WHO WILL bring back all the funds? The money used by Sharif family members to purchase assets in different countries around the world as mentioned in the notorious Panama Papers. The smoke was seen not only in Pakistan by all international media when JIT took over three months to file a detail report and the SC issued a verdict to disqualify NS and his associates nominated in the JIT reports and petition filed by Imran Khan and others.Random Read1
It was indeed a smoke to shadow the real reason caused all this fuss. The assets worth billions of rupees illegally attained by NS & family in the last 37 years to hold different posts in public offices from chief minister of Punjab province to prime minister of the country three times.
There is no one around to address the real questions lingering in the minds of 220 million Pakistanis. Some are: What about the money? Who will be bringing that back to country? Will its fate be remaining as billions of dollars lying in the Swiss banks and millions spend on time consuming cases without any solution?
Obviously these questions will not be answered to save many more culprits enjoying into the lines of power corridor with the aim of ‘serving in the best interest of the country & nation’.
-Jamil Khan

Interview: CEO Eva Interiors

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

FOR OVER A decade residents have become more aware and educated on the interior designs and want their surroundings designed by highly educated professionals. The huge impact of social media and frequent foreign travels are one of the reasons people want their living spaces to look unique, full of meaningful pieces, said by Seema Ahmed Al Mansoory, CEO and Founder of Eva Interiors in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today.
The local market has a huge potential and the demand for designers is high, especially those who have graduated from reputable universities and want to try their limits, she said.evainteriors1
“The residents in UAE, especially millennials, are a lot in love with sophisticated designs done by professional designers. This has paved way for the huge market of highly qualified designers who have obtained degrees from reputable universities and boast work experiences with leading names in the industry,” she said.
Seema graduated as architect from the American University of Sharjah in 2006 and joined a German firm which was at that time doing great to fulfil mega projects of hotels and others worth billions of dirhams. “When I joined in 2006 after graduation, it was peak time and our firm had mega projects and the recession came in 2008 that caused our firm to close down even though we had three projects under way. But this was a turning point in my career and I started from scratch to set up my own firm and opened an office in Fujairah. I utilised my contacts from university to my professional days in the German firm’s local office in Dubai to get interior designing projects,” she narrated her journey.
To cater for the high demand of her work she opened another office in Dubai with a total staff of around two dozen including architects, designers and others. In over eight years, she has been part of interior designing projects of local celebrities, offices of governments and residence belonging to members of royal families in different emirates in the UAE.

She pointed that with the huge impact of social media, more and more people in UAE especially living for a long time are adopting ways to decorate their living spaces in contemporary modern and contemporary classic with neo classic, French classic and deco classic as there are few people in UAE who are specialize in these and the demand is always high.
Recently, she has been active on different social media platforms with a huge number of followers from youngsters to professionals who follow her latest projects. “Through the social media, I have been following by a large number of young designers who seek my professional advice on their projects and always keen to learn new things. For me, it was a great opportunity to share my experience and professional advice while also educating aspiring designers to face the challenges they could face once they enter into the real world. These forums being acknowledge by everyone and gave me profound happiness,” she said.
Her team comprises of designers from the UK, Jordanian, Saudi Arabia and others while they import materials from different parts of the world to cater the high-end needs of top notch customers. She has plans to expand her brand outside UAE while ready to take care of any project in the region which is easy to move anywhere needed.
She recently did a charity project for Fujairah government who wanted her to design work places for participants of a fundraising bazaar which also appreciated by all the participants from management to the visitors.
Responding a question, she has high regards of American University Sharjah which is producing vastly aspiring designers as it is associated with Washington DC and the staff is highly qualified. “There are many graduated from the university working locally as well as different parts of the world with reputable industry leaders,” she said.
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Hospital launches ‘Hope Campaign’

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New Hope-3

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

A Sharjah-based hospital, specialising in fertility and associated treatment, has announced its new initiative ‘Hope Campaign’ to provide free of cost treatment facility to infertile parents.
It was announced in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and dignitaries who visited the hospital on Wednesday.
The officials who toured the hospitals were Dr Yousef Mohammed Al-Sarkal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr Hassan Al-Azzawi, Consul General of Iraq in Dubai, Yousef Al-Harmoudi, Chairman of New Hope Hospital and a group of Dubai businesswomen and others.
“The ‘Hope campaign’ is launched by New Hope Hospital for Fertility and Gynecology under the patronage of the Minister of Health and Community…
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Kindness Fridge

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

A Dubai restaurant, in line with the Year of Giving initiative, has introduced a unique initiative “The Kindness Fridge” to provide healthy food and rekindness fridgefreshment to labourers.
The development by MyGovinda’s, a restaurant brand that serves healthy and holistic Indian food, entailed installing a “Kindness Fridge” at its outlets located in Umm Suqeim and Al Karama. Mahesh Advani, the owner and founder of MyGovinda’s, was inspired by the declaration of 2017 as the Year of Giving to come up with the altruistic concept.
The Kindness Fridge targets construction workers, the working class and the unemployed who require healthy food after a hard day of work, but might not have the means to purchase it from local restaurants. By storing freshly prepared wholesome lunch boxes, fresh fruits and water in a refrigerator outside the restaurant, with open-door policy, the Kindness Fridge…
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SCHS: Qafila Al Saeef

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SCHS-Summer camp

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

AS THE scorching season of summer goes by, the indoor activities of different camps are a huge success among young students from all over the country and those with special needs are no exception.
Around 65 people with different kinds of disabilities are part of the Qafila Al Saeef (Caravan of the summer) camp being held by the Sharjah City for Humanitarian City (SCHS).
“The month-long camp started on July 17 and will end on Aug.17 to provide people with disabilities a wide range of activities under five major themes – heritage, innovation, sports & health, Arabic language and technology – to teach new helpful activities and enhance their skills in their favourite fields,” said Maryam Al Farsi, supervisor of the camp while talking to The Gulf Today on Wednesday.
The SCHS is the first centre for special needs people to start summer camp back…
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