A World Without Walls At Rashid Centre

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‘A World Without Walls’ initiative empowers children of determination

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Ten students from Rashid Centre for The Determined Ones and 10 students from The Oxford School, Dubai, came together for an initiative for Babyshop’s Ramadan Campaign – A World Without Walls to draw paintings.
The initiative organised the activity to bring school children and children of determination together to interact and draw their idea of a world without walls.
Through the activity, Babyshop aims to propagate the concept of the campaign and elucidate that all children see beyond their differences, always finding ways to connect through play, creativity as well as arts and crafts, among others.
Talking to The Gulf Today, Ritu Chaturvedi, an art teacher at the Rashid Centre said, “I believe art is the smile of the soul. The students of determination…
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Charity initiative supports special needs centre

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

“The tradition of charity will continue throughout 2018 as we will donate 1% of our sale to a centre for special needs in Dubai.
“We have made it a tradition to support every year a local organisation through our charity initative. To continue this and with the support of our customers, we will donate to a Dubai-based centre for children of determination.”
This was announced by Mohammedi Katawala, Deputy General Manager and Finance Director, Pan Emirates on the occasion of opening a new store in Al Mizhar Mall in Dubai. “This year we are going to open six stores in total all over the UAE to reach our customers in their neighbourhood,” he said.
The Pan Emirates is a leading home-grown indoor, patio and outdoor furniture brand in the region.
Katawala said, “Pan Emirates is known for its popular product offering and hence is looking to reach out to its customers across Dubai through six new stores over the next six months. We have two new stores opening in Abu Dhabi shortly. We are delighted that the 2018 half-year results have already shown a significant 15 per cent increase in sales as compared to 2017 and we are expecting the rest half to be great as well.”

Dalal AlDoub, a prominent social media influencer in the region delighted hundreds of her fans at the opening of Anotah store in Mirdif City Centre. Young Arab females were delighted to meet their favourite personality and discussed the latest fashion trends in the Arab world.
The opening aims to meet Eid demand. Anotah is known as a prominent brand in the world of fashion, that caters to the the needs of the stylish Gulf and Arabic elite class.
Wassim Mandil, famous media personality hosted the evening while the audiences included representatives of local media outlets, prominent business people and social dignitaries.
Dalal AlDoub expressed her happiness at the great hospitality she received from her fans and followers. She asked them to hurry up and purchase the glamorous clothes of Anotah’s Eid selections.
She also praised the successful management of Anotah and its expansion in the hot spots of Gulf countries and their careful selection of shops in important centres across Gulf capitals.
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Charity campaigns in Ramadan

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

With every passing day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, people continue to participate wholeheartedly in charity drives that support the needy.
Dar Al Ber Society organised fund-raising events under the campaign – ‘ChariTREE: Plant For A Cause’ to raise money for charity in line with the “Year of Zayed.”
The event was held at Manipal University, Academic City, Ambassador School at Mankhool and Indian High School. The events were attended by officials from Dar Al Ber Society and management, faculty and students of the schools and university.
So far, over 5,000 students from kindergarten to university in the age group of three to 22 have participated in the campaign. The drive will continue to place in more schools, universities and offices.
“If we want to make the world a better place for us and our future generation to live in, people, especially our future generation, should understand and appreciate the role of charity and trees in our lives. Our latest campaign – ChariTREE – is a humble step in that direction”, said Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, CEO of Dar All Ber Society.

Toys With Wings
Mercato, in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent and “Toys With Wings” initiative, has launched a month-long charity donation campaign “Share Your Blessings This Ramadan.” The campaign aims to encourage shoppers to share their blessings with the people in need during Ramadan by placing pre-loved items, daily necessities, and non-perishable food in donation boxes that can put a smile on the faces of the disadvantaged across the region.
Nisreen Boustani, PR & Corporate Communications Manager of Mercato and Town Centre Jumeirah said, “It was our pleasure to partner with Red Crescent and “Toys With Wings” initiative to host this campaign. Such campaigns reflect the aim of Ramadan, which is to be merciful and think about those who are less privileged. We encourage everyone to do something to support these people as we are doing our best to distribute what we receive and launch initiatives to help them.”
Mouna El Haimoud, the founder of the “Toys with Wings” initiative, added, “The children are more aware of donating and volunteering and growing a sense of responsibility towards society and “Toys With Wings “ initiative emphasises the important role that the toys play in the growth and development of children. Through our missions we try to ease their suffering and sometimes the trauma the war has afflicted on them. Most importantly we help them to connect back with their childhood. “Share Your Blessings This Ramadan” campaign helps capture the true spirit of Ramadan among communities, and motivate individuals and families to make a difference by helping those less fortunate.
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Obituary: Mazhar Kaleem M.A.

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Urdu writer Mazhar Kaleem passes away, fans grieve around the world

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

MILLIONS of Urdu fans around the world are in complete shock at the news of the sudden demise of writer Mazhar Kaleem M.A. in Multan, Pakistan on Saturday.
Kaleem, 72, who is survived by a son and four daughters, will fondly be remembered by millions all over the world.26-mazhar kaleem

In his writing career of over five decades, he has written around 600 spy fiction novels.
Imran Series is a series of spy novels first created by Asrar Ahmad under the pen name Ibn Safi in the 1960s. After his death in 1980, many writers tried to blend with his style of writing, but only Mazhar Kaleem was successful.
He was born in 1942 in Multan and his original name was Mazhar Nawaz Khan. He studied in Islamiya High School Multan, Emerson College and got his Masters in Urdu Literature and LLB from Multan University which is now Jamia Bahauddin Zakariya.
He was a practising lawyer but was well known for his writings. He has also written around 5,000 short stories for children including the famous series Umro Aiyyar.
He hosted a Siraiki talk show ‘Jamhoor Di Awaz’ on Multan Radio for a long time.
Besides his various accomplishments, he also showed keen interest in journalism. He has written various articles for a local daily in Multan during his study period.
Since the unfortunate news of his demise, fans have taken to social media to express their grief.
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CDA’s short Arabic course brings expats together

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By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Language barrier rarely stands in the way of communication among Dubai’s varied expat communities. However, some expats are keen on learning Arabic to further ease their communication in the Emirate.
The initiative of the National Identity Section of Community Development Authority (CDA) Dubai recently concluded the second batch of the Arabic language course held at Rashidiya Majlis. The course was attended by over 20 expatriates from India, UK, Netherlands, Pakistan, Tatarstan, and South Korea, among others.

In an interview with The Gulf Today, Dr Thaer Yousif Odeh, said, “It was a wonderful initiative by the CDA, which saw me volunteer in holding this short training course. The management of the University of the American University in the UAE (AUE) helped in the success of this course, because they were cooperative in helping me overcome all the obstacles and challenges I encountered. Community service is a key objective of the university. Interaction among different sectors of the society is one of the priorities of the university as well as the dissemination and enrichment of the Arabic language, which is in line with the vision of UAE’s wise leadership,” he added.
He lauded the cooperation between The American University in the UAE and the CDA towards the establishment and success of the course. The course brought together different expats of different age groups, religious backgrounds and nationalities who were driven by passion for Arabic.
Commenting on the interaction of the course’s participants, he said, “They were always writing and asking constantly. They were also communicating through a WhatsApp group that they formed. I was observing their daily development; it was a rapid development, because they were driven by passion and desire to learn. This led me to the conclusion that passion is key in learning any foreign language.”
“I hope that this wonderful group will continue to learn Arabic language and practice it within the Arab community. I also hope to see more groups coming along to learn the language,” he said.
Arend Snaas, a UAE resident for several years, said, “I always wanted to speak colloquial Arabic and not the dialects learnt during travels through the Middle East and North Africa. This has been a fantastic initiative by the CDA. Both the CDA representative Yusuf as well as teacher Thaer have been welcoming, friendly and thorough. The participating group has been great and represents a good cross section of Dubai with different cultures and nationalities present. I hope the CDA will continue with such initiatives as it will help with the integration of many into the varied social fabric of Dubai.”
Attiq Rehman, a Pakistani expat and resident of Sharjah said, “The loveliest thing about this course was the homely atmosphere and harmony between people of different nationalities who had met each other for the first time in life, but felt close like a family. I would give the full credit of this beautiful phenomenon to the teacher, Thaer and the CDA coordinator Mr.Yusuf.”
Saima Attiq said she had memorised the Holy Quran by heart and was enthusiastic to learn how to speak the language of God and His Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). She praised the professionalism of teacher Thaer and appreciated the hard work he put in making his students understand the basics of the language. She was wishful that CDA would start the next level classes after Eid “so that they can be in position to speak like natives.”
Vicky Weddell said, “The course was a great opportunity for me to learn Arabic. I have been living in Dubai for seven years and I have studied Arabic in the past, but have always felt afraid to speak and to practice it. In the CDA course, each lesson introduced new conversations, phrases and words. The focus was on speaking. I learned how to introduce myself and have a conversation to get to know someone. The teacher, Dr Thaer, always encouraged us to speak aloud in class which has improved my confidence and helped me to start to use Arabic when I meet Arabic speakers. The classes were fun and everyone had the chance to speak and take part. It was a very practical course with a friendly mix of different people. I would like to thank the CDA, Yousuf and Dr Thaer for running this course and I really hope it will be offered again in the future.”
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Interview: Founder SKI

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Follow your dream: Indian scientist

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

The successful launch of Kalam Sat, world’s smallest and lightest satellite, last year into the space by NASA has became a breakthrough for millions of students. Earlier parents in India predominantly focussed on medical and engineering sectors for their child to pursue their career but now they also considering aero space which is a huge shift of trends.
This was stated by Dr Srimathy Kesan, Founder and CEO Space Kidz India (SKI) in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today in Dubai recently. Dr Kesan along with Rifath Sharook, the lead scientist of her team who developed and launched the satellite visiting Dubai to attend two events part of Future Technology Week Ð GISEC ioTx and World 3D Printing Forum as speakers and share their latest development on the SKI and their projects with the audience. Dr Srimathy Kesan founded the Space Kidz India (SKI) in 2012, Chennai, India as a platform of ‘education through travel’ and international experiential learning for the Indian students in the fields of science, technology, arts and culture.
The SKI received huge attention after the successful launch of the ‘world lightest, smallest and first time fully function 3D Printed Satellite – Kalam Sat’ in June 2017 by NASA. The team built the successful smallest satellite – 4 centimeter and weighting merely 64 grams – including Rifath Sharook (lead scientist), Vinay Bharadwaj (structural engineer), Tanishq Dwivedi (flight engineer), Gobin Sai (biologist), Abdul Kasuif (lead engineer) Dr Srimathy Kesan (mission director).
Dr Kesan’s vision to develop the SKI as a complete private organization into aero space with all the associated facilities including launch pad where our members can develop their satellite, rockets and launch without any hindrances like SpaceX in USA.
Rifath Sharook, the young bright scientist advice young students to follow their dream and most importantly convince their parents and support them as there is nothing is impossible but choosing the right direction.
Responding a question of upcoming plan of SKI, Dr Kesan said that they are confident to establish an exclusive private aero space university in the next 5-years for students across India to pursue their dream into the field of rocket science and aero space.
Talking about the journey, she said that the SKI had started developing satellite in 2015 from a balloon satellite and also took part in NASA competition ‘Cube in Space’ and after the shortlisted, the tiny satellite launched last year. The winner was asked to send their winning satellite into orbit by NASA free of cost.
She mentioned regarding the satellite mission and said that it was to test the 3D printed structure and predominantly idea behind was to bring students with more unique ideas through such competitions. “Usually students took part in these through competitions and once they complete their post-graduation they have chance to do big,” she said.
The SKI has been since last year working on a balloon satellite project to carry out live printing of biography of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former president and Rocket Scientist of India in the space later this year. “The team consists of seven scientists including Sharookh as leading scientist,” she said.
To create awareness across the globe, the SKI members are planning to visit schools and other academic institutions in the UAE to deliver speeches and held interaction sessions. So far, Dr Kesan and SKI members spoke thousands of students in Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) across all major cities besides attend various TED Talks.
The SKI have around 21 members including 6-year-old Ashton from Chennai who is prodigy on space while Pardeep, 8-years-old has already built a rocket model with recycled material. “We have members who are trying to use various sustainable methods for aero space industry like one biologist working to integrate ancient method of agriculture to grow fresh produce into space is one example,” she mentioned.
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‘Zayed Happiness Van’

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07-Zyed Van
‘Zayed Happiness Van’ distributes gifts among over 800 workers

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Over 800 workers in a labour camp in Al Quoz, Dubai were delighted to receive gift packs and food from Dar Al Ber Society with the launch of the ‘Zayed Happiness Van.’ The inaugural visit of the van on Sunday was meant to mark the ‘Year of Zayed.’
The event was a surprise for many workers at the accommodation who were thrilled to see officials from the charity organisation with the Zayed Happiness Van.
The idea behind the “Zayed Happiness Van” is to spread happiness among the people of UAE, especially the underprivileged sections of the society, by providing them with a ‘surprise’ meal…
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