Dubai students make 3R robot to raise virus awareness

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

A handful of IGCSE students from Dubai Carmel School, backed by the School Innovation Department, have come together to create robots for COVID-19 awareness. The robots aims to raise students’ awareness of Covid issues, encourage their creativity, and increase reusing and recycling.
The robot can act as a virtual doctor by checking the body temperature level of students, dispensing sanitising hand rub, and interacting with students. If a student is experiencing any symptoms, it can send an alert to the school officials. It can also program for conducting awareness classes for the students.
Three students, Maram Munzer, Malak Issam, and Irfan Rami, under the supervision of their teacher Jolly P Joy, spent three months…
-Published At The Gulf Today

Author: jamilkhan

I am a journalist from Pakistan and currently based in Sharjah, UAE. I have been covering a variety of topics and updating my blog with all of my journalistic work.

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