HHC to continue radio awareness programme

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) has announced awarding certificates of good conduct, in cooperation with Dubai Police, to a group of addicts who have recovered and completed a rehabilitation programme in addition to providing training courses aimed at honing their skills.
The HHC has assured the continuation of the ‘Masmuh’ programme, which was launched during the last Ramadan, in collaboration with the Irada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation, and a new initiative aimed at supporting people who are recovering from addiction. The centre has been extending a wide range of support through a series of events and activities including Fazza Heritage Tournaments, the radio network, Radio Al-Awla and the Dubai Radio of the Qur’an.
n the sidelines of the awareness workshop held by the centre, in cooperation with the Irada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation, the Executive Director of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmouk, said that the programme will continue for the benefit of its listeners on a weekly basis as a realistic approach. It also stimulates the recovery of social interaction through the programme within the framework of family awareness while also stressing that the family is the wall of the first, the main lifeline of the children, against the risk of addiction.
The doors of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, especially Radio Al-Awla and the Dubai Radio Holy Quran, and the management of the Fazza tournaments, are open to the beneficiaries to enhance their professional skills through professional preparatory courses. All obstacles in cooperation with the Dubai Police, in particular, give them a certificate of good conduct, which enables them to return strongly to the labour market, in order to enable them to accept and integrate the community,” he said.
Bin Dalmouk considered the importance of standing firmly against the phenomenon of abuse, in return for paying attention to the mechanisms of treating those who have fallen into this trap and rehabilitating them, and not leaving them prey to the relapse to addiction and support their recovery, stressing that the main point always in this remains conscious awareness and family support.
-Published At The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on July 4, 2019.

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