Interview: Dr Wasim Ahmad

‘Listening more is key to a peaceful and tolerant society’

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

People these days are being taught to speak rather than listen more for a better understanding of each other and what they are facing in their surroundings. Even students everywhere are not being trained on this which results in facing challenges once they face real-life situations.
This was stated by Dr Wasim Ahmad Malik, author of ‘The HOW of a peaceful and tolerant world,’ in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today recently.13-dr Wasim
He said that the reflections and questions incorporated in the book are those which no one ever answered anywhere. “Since my life in studying, I have been collecting these questions as I did not found anyone who somehow discussed them. I found these questions as my primary responsibility to present in the form of books and push readers to think deeply,” he said.
“I have felt that for a greater tolerance in society, students should be taught speaking skills as well as listening. Nowadays many are teaching speaking skills but that is not enough for having wider aspects of peace and tolerance in the society which can only be built by listening more,” he added.
His book, published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany in 2016, is a collection of reflections and questions that arose in his mind during his academic journey over a decade. “The book is a set of multidisciplinary reflections and questions on issues close to everyone’s life and their immediate surroundings. Over 400 piercing questions and reflections are part of the book’s questions including many one-liners encouraging the reader to comprehend these,” he said.
The book is for everyone from students to people in corporate sectors but most importantly for Muslims to understand the difference between religion and the world while sections discuss the management and leadership related to professionals and educated segments of the society.
There are a number of reflections and questions in this book for Muslims taught the traditional system of education or religious system being carried out in the ‘Madrassah’.
Some of his questions/reflections from the book include knowledge (of what) is power. why and how?; which of the two is a more difficult task and why – listening or speaking?; which of these two are short on actions or ideas?; what is our career on earth?; every ‘leader’ is a ‘manager’ but not every ‘manager’ is a ‘leader’; loyalty is earned, not demanded; a teacher seeks to make his students independent of himself, etc.
As an assistant professor in the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, he presented his book before students and faculty members while also using various platforms to spread his message. “I have a huge network of friends on social media and discuss my thoughts with them while also availing the opportunity of speaking with teachers and students in different schools in different Indian states,” he added.
Malik has completed his early education in a religious madrassah in Azamgarh, UP, India and obtained his PhD from Hamdard University, New Delhi. He did his MA in Arabic Literature from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Since 2001, he is in the UAE and affiliated with academic institutions. His PhD thesis is titled ‘A Critical and Comparative Student of the Western Perception of Islam as Reflected in the Writings of William Montgomery Watt and Kenneth Crag.’
“I have been working on the second instalment of my work as a second book which will be ‘Towards Innovation and Diversity’ to simplify the definitions of everyday matters,” he said.
The book is available in online stores including Amazon.
-Published At The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on August 15, 2018.

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