400 benefit from amnesty by Pak mission

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

During the first week of the 3-month long UAE Amnesty Scheme ‘rectify your status’, the officials from Pakistan mission have provided service and asistance to more than 700 illegal immigrants with regard to their documentation, obtaining proper papers and so on. The Consul General in Dubai and the other Northern Emirates have already completed the processing procedures of almost 400 migrants.
This was stated by Javed Hassan, Pakistan Consul General in Dubai while talking to the media during his visit to Al Aweer immigration camp on Tuesday. He also met with few of the rectifiers.
The staff who have been made available in the camp from day 1, Aug.1, of the initiative have been providing enormous support to the attendees.
“So far the department has completed rectifying the status of around 400 illegal immigrants. They are now waiting for further guidance from the local immigration authorities. We appreciate and sincerely thank the UAE and its government for launching such a scheme, helping the expatriates overstaying in the country illegally. We have been urging the people from the Pakistani community in the UAE to make complete use of this initiative and to rectify their visa status as soon as possible,” he said.
He also pointed that once the next step is completed, the 400 rectifiers will get their outpass to exit the country.
“Besides the help desk in Al Aweer immigration camp, hundreds of visitors are also being assisted at the Consulate on a daily basis, in order to benefit from the amnesty scheme. Those with minor fines or short overstaying can directly approach the immigration centres in their respective emirates, wherein the authority will assist them,” he said.
-Published At The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on August 8, 2018.

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