Interview: Hamad M Al Kaabi

Emirati returns from North Pole

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

Hamad Mohammed Al Kaabi, a young Emirati recently returned from the journey of North and South Pole where he unfurled the UAE flag with the message of ‘Year of Zayed’.
Talking to The Gulf today, he said that “the idea start in June 2016 when I was reading a book ‘Ice Track book’ by writer Angie Butler. The preparation started from March 2017 for both trips. The journey to South Pole started in Dec 2017 and North Pole trip started on June 13 this year.”
Al Kaabi graduated from the Sheikh Khalifa Secondary School in Al Ain and in 2009 joined the Abu Dhabi Police. “I received an overseas study mission to the United Kingdom. In particular, I began my first aid course, but for some reason I changed my specialization to information security or computing security. During my studies I traveled to different parts of the Britain and in t


he last couple of years I started to change the destinations and quality of travel and became a specialist in travel, photography and activities.
In winter 2015, he travelled to Norway along with his friend to see the Aurora which mesmerized him and brought a whole new experience of travel and explore the beauty of the nature in the world.
“The experience of the cold places, and I lived the experience of getting to know other people and make friends with them going on now. Two months later I traveled to Sweden and reaching by night trains from one area to another. I experienced the sleep experience in the ice hotel, hotel over the tree and then to Iceland. In 2016 I began planning to wander around the entire Kingdom of Norway, searching for Svalbard Archipelago located in the Arctic Circle and is considered in the summer period of cities affected by the phenomenon of long day and have 24 hours because of its proximity to the North Pole. The duration of the South Pole was 9 days while the duration of the North Pole was in 13 days,” he said.
Pointing his experience, he said “the trips in polar regions are depending on the weather. This may because the wind, fog and the thickness of the ice.”
“The experience you own or you get from those kind of trip is too much. For example, you get experience about weather, ice, wildlife, last research the Sciences work on. Also, you meet people from around the world, you listen with them and speak with them. More importantly you will see the world and set your own opinion about people and culture by simply asking them. Here, you on your own, by means you been to think and you need to manage in case something happen, here you gain experience how to deal with your life and make change regarding to it. Finally you make friends,” he added.
He asked the youngsters to travel, don’t follow people where they go or what they suggest to you to go, make your own plan, see the world by yourself and get experience from walking or traveling with different people what is means share with different people from different nationalities. Just go forward not backward and remember always represents you country, culture, your people and your religion in good way,” he added.
-Published At The Gulf Today

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