Interview: Lachlan Gyde

Consumers throng Waterfront Market

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Dubai is growing at a rapid pace to set more attractions for businesses as well as consumers in every sector. The latest edition on the retail scene of Dubai is Waterfront Market in Deira which currently attracts an average of over 20,000 visitors per day and over 40,000 during weekends.
This was said by Lachlan Gyde, Executive Director, Ithra Dubai LLC, the real estate development and asset management company wholly owned by Investment Corporation of Dubai, during an interview.Waterfront-1
He said footfall has grown by an impressive 119 per cent between August and April. Tourists are also visiting the market, which is a very positive indication of the mall’s strong potential to further increase its offering as a lifestyle and authentic destination.
‘We have been launching events and activities recently and it is very encouraging to see the positive reception from our visitors. We are set to introduce more promotional campaigns for different market categories.’ he added.

The Waterfront Market is setting a new trend in retail and shopping in the region by innovating on the traditional concept of fresh food markets and providing them with world-class facilities that follow the international standards for safety and cleanliness. It is designed as an all-inclusive destination offering the best in class and high-quality products by investing on technologies that maintain its freshness – be it fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry or fish and seafood. “We are driven to create a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for market goers in Dubai, so convenience and modern amenities are also key factors in the building of the facility, including restaurants and other recreational venues and raising the level of food culture in Dubai and attracting the food lovers and travelers from around the world,” he added.
Currently the market has a total of 500 retailers from dried and live fish along with 150 shops of fruits and vegetables, 75 meat and poultry stalls, 35 stalls of dry goods and 30 spice retailers.
“We have a wide range of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables both from local and international farms, not to mention that we are the largest market for fresh fish and seafood in the region that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, long Waterfront promenade offers a relaxing atmosphere for families and tourists alike while they choose from a diverse array of restaurants and cafes.
“In terms of convenience, we have underground parking spaces allotted for750 cars and outdoor parking that can accommodate 800 cars. The facility is fully air-conditioned and numerous retail outlets continue to open, including a range of services such as ATMs, money exchange, pharmacy and gift shops,” he said.
Responding a question, he said that “I think every section has its own charm to attract customers and we have witnessed a substantial number of regular visitors, being highly competitive at their prices, and importantly, buyers have the option to bargain. We do not compromise on the quality of the products, whether they are locally sourced or imported.
However, auction at the fish and meat sections as well as the weekend bazaars are a major crowd puller. The seaside view at the promenade has also been attracting many families relaxing at the cafes while children are playing and running around with toys bought from bargain stores. These are just some of the busy scenes you can see here on a regular weekend. The Dhow cruise is also starting to pick up more passengers and tourists from the area. Since we opened, the vibe around the marketplace has been lively & entertaining.
Talking about the long-term plan, he said that “we are working to attract more international attention and get tourists to come and experience Dubai’s unique rendering of a social and economic activity that is essential in every culture. There is a growing international trend among travelers focused on food cultures and we have the capacity to cater to these segments.
“We have a full calendar of activities and campaigns intended to promote and differentiate the Waterfront Market from all other destinations, including new market openings, new vendors and retailers, family-oriented shopping facilities, refreshing venues, among many other propositions.
We are doing our best to sustain our best practices in the market, while introducing international standards in areas of hygiene and maintenance. We are continuously integrating new systems of operations while still preserving vendors’ traditions, who have been servicing Dubai’s customers for generations,” he added.
-Published At The Gulf Today

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