What about the illegal assets?

WHO WILL bring back all the funds? The money used by Sharif family members to purchase assets in different countries around the world as mentioned in the notorious Panama Papers. The smoke was seen not only in Pakistan by all international media when JIT took over three months to file a detail report and the SC issued a verdict to disqualify NS and his associates nominated in the JIT reports and petition filed by Imran Khan and others.Random Read1
It was indeed a smoke to shadow the real reason caused all this fuss. The assets worth billions of rupees illegally attained by NS & family in the last 37 years to hold different posts in public offices from chief minister of Punjab province to prime minister of the country three times.
There is no one around to address the real questions lingering in the minds of 220 million Pakistanis. Some are: What about the money? Who will be bringing that back to country? Will its fate be remaining as billions of dollars lying in the Swiss banks and millions spend on time consuming cases without any solution?
Obviously these questions will not be answered to save many more culprits enjoying into the lines of power corridor with the aim of ‘serving in the best interest of the country & nation’.
-Jamil Khan

~ by jamilkhan on July 30, 2017.

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