Rashid Centre students raise spirits of patients

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

A group of students from the Rashid Centre for the Disabled visited patients at Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai on Monday as part of the Year of Giving initiative.
The group of students was led by Maryam Othman, CEO of the Centre and accompanied by businesswoman Reem Bou Samra. Moza Al Shamsi, Director of Public Relations at the hospital, received the group while a number of doctors and paramedical staff were present on the occasion. During the visit, the students of the Rashid Centre for the Disabled toured the hospital’s departments, and learned about its equipment, how it works, and distributed gifts among the patients.
The gifts were donated by Reem Bou Samra for the sick children in the hope of drawing a smile on their faces. “We are used to visiting a number of humanitarian and medical institutions and centres, including Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai, with whom we have close relations.
“We visit patients every year,” said Maryam Othman, CEO of the Centre. “In Islam it is Sunnah to visit the sick and we have to embed these values in our students as the children received the gifts with a smile on their faces. Such visits have a great impact on us. It is our duty to build social and friendly relationships with elderly homes, hospitals and other centres mainly to care and share our feeling of compassion and alleviate the pain. I think such steps are really needed in the community.”
Reem Bou Samra stressed on the importance of this visit and expressed her delight at the participation of children of Rashid Centre for the Disabled. “Visits like these to the hospital and seeing young patients can undoubtedly bring a smile on the faces of the sick. They deserve all the love and care from the outside world,” she said.
At the end of the visit Maryam Othman handed over the plaque of Rashid Centre for the Disabled to Moza Al Shamsi, confirming the deep relationship between the two parties.
-Published At The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on June 6, 2017.

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