Ingizly brings smart solutions

Ingizly Logo.png
By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

WITH its all fast pace of life in the UAE, the residents usually frown to find suitable expertise for small chores especially maintenance solutions in and around their homes. To cater the huge demand and obvious gap, Dubai-based duo has come up with a smart solution.
Mohamed Salem and Mohamed Mahmoud, the co-founders of ‘Ingizly’, a website to provide a wide range of solutions, brought the idea after they saw there is a gap in the market between the customers and services providers and noticed that finding a right service provider with a fair price is a challenging process.
In a recent interview, they informed The Gulf Today about the full range of services they are offering to the local customers.
They mentioned, “Ingizly is an Arabic word for ‘get it done for me’. The professional team approach truly reflects this idea through our unique marketplace that bridged the gap between service needs and service providers, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to all the maintenance-related problems.”
They said, “We are also experts in offering the best services that meet various needs across the UAE, while making sure of accomplishing easily and quickly all kinds of tasks that come to anybody’s mind.”
He said, “Our wide range of service providers enables customers to benefit from the qualified skills of highly experienced engineers, specialists and workers.”
-Published At The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on May 17, 2017.

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