GLC offers scholarships to needy

GLC seminar

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

DESERVING students with the aim of pursuing higher education in business and information technology will get scholarships from 60 per cent to 100 per cent in tuition fees.
This was stated by Dr S.M. Tahir, Chairman, Global Learning Centre and Iqra Group, while talking to The Gulf Today on Monday. “This is the first time we are offering scholarships to students with financial constraints but pursuing higher education in the fields of business and IT. In this regard, we have met managements of various Pakistani and Indian schools with mid-range fee structure based in Dubai and Sharjah,” he said.  Currently around 300 students are studying in Business and IT faculties through morning and evening shifts in the GLC, which also offers flexibility in timings to those who are busy with their day job and wish to complete their studies through online courses. The academy is located in Al Mulla Plaza for over 17 years.
“We observe that there are students who could not complete their education due to limited financial resources from their families while the higher education in the UAE is being considered by many families as ‘very expensive’ and therefore wish to either discontinue their education after school or move back to their home countries. With the announcement of recent scholarships for such deserving students, we hope all those students with a passion for acquiring degrees will benefit from this,” he said.
The academy reached the mid-range fee structure schools and offered each school up to 12 scholarships, 2 with 100 per cent discount in tuition fee and the remaining with different packages according to their needs, from 60 per cent to above. The students have to pay only the royalties and other expenses of parent universities like examination and degree fees as the GLC is associated with UK-based Northampton University.

However, the GLC had recently organized a day-long workshop for professionals on the topic “How to Achieve a Career Breakthrough in 2017A, and conducted by Saleem Sufi, CFO Leadership Coach & Strategy Expert.
The workshop was attended over 100 professionals from different fields in based Dubai.
Sufi a Global Strategic CFO for more than 18 years working for world class Fortune 500 companies and top private equity firms in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and United States. He is a Harvard-trained strategy expert who has coached and trained hundreds of senior Finance professionals around the globe. He is the founder of MECA CFO Alliance and CFO Academy and dedicated to help Finance professionals grow in leadership roles.
The participants of the seminar discussed the three mega trends that are fast changing the dynamics of the job market in 2017 and what is working and what is not working for job seekers besides career paths available to corporate professionals and how to choose the one that helps you accelerate your career to the top and other related topics.
-Published at The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on April 26, 2017.

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