Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

ROBERT Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of its kind dealing with the fundamental need of everyone to become rich but mainly this book describes that most important subject of ‘money’ is lacking in schools. It has been present a narrative style to acquire the dream come true while unfolding ‘how and when’.
The book is jointly written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter first published in 1997 and so far sold millions of copies around the world.
The author through his story spanning from his childhood to adult life while spending his time with his mentor, father of his friend (Rich Dad) a by professional businessman running a wide range of small businesses and at the same time listening his own father (Poor Dad) who by professional a teacher had stressed on the regular education with high grades and pursue a better place in a major company. Random Read1
In his own way, the Rich Dad taught him how to acquire meaningful education to own the ladder of a major company rather to do the entire struggle for a ‘high place’.
The author through a number of examples had stressed on job-oriented segment of society that that can change smart initiatives while keeping day-job to equipped themselves for a better future. After reading this book, the reader learned the ‘smart ways’ to increase his savings to acquire assets and avoid piling up liabilities, a common mistakes by majority with the misunderstood of assets with liabilities.
While focusing on one’s understanding of business and investment opportunities around and how to pick ‘right assets’ to acquire, the author also highlighting the importance of ‘first giving then getting’ philosophy and said that one has to give first whatever he needs, either it is money, guidance or a suggestion. “Be generous with what you have and ‘power’ will generous with you”, he said.
The author has devoted many pages to highlight the very types of people like those discouraging others, lacking of right knowledge it passing ‘authentic suggestions’ to others, also those think to much and not taking any decisions, etc.
This is the right book – sold in millions around the world – for all those who want to change their lives in their current circumstances besides being acquiring right tools and smart measures.

~ by jamilkhan on April 25, 2017.

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