Interview: Taimur Rehman


By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

EVERY literate person should invest in books for the benefit of his or her future generation as there is no alternative to the written word. It gives one great satisfaction to see that youngsters are inclined to Urdu literature in Pakistan, serving the language with great passion.
This was stated by Taimur Rehman, a young aspiring Urdu storyteller, writer and IT entrepreneur in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today on Saturday in Dubai.
Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Taimur is currently in Dubai to enthral Urdu lovers with his narration of Urdu poetry and prose.
Besides running an IT firm in Islamabad, he is also a consultant with Unicef in Pakistan on the eradication of polio and also does career counselling as a mentor for students in Middlesex University Dubai.
The passion and ‘addiction’ to Urdu literature courses through his veins. He started some five years ago narrating prose and poetry of famous literary personalities for small groups of youngsters in Islamabad. “I’m a diehard fan of Zia Mohiuddin, and people who once listen to me either in live performances or social media platforms appreciate me for following the tradition of narration in his footsteps and serving Urdu while at the same time enticing youngsters to incline towards the language,” he said.
Zia Mohiuddin is a prominent narrator of Urdu and English literature and well known for his style of narration of a wide scale of literary forms and who has performed all over the world.
Recalling his only meeting with Zia Mohiuddin, he said it was one of the most precious moments of his life he spent with his ‘guru’. “I told him about my passion for narrating Urdu literature and his only advice was ‘read, read and read’ to perform well in front of the audience. I’m following this and doing all my best to transfer this passion to my son who is also learning very fast,” he said.
Besides performing in various leading literary events all over Pakistan, Rehman has also attended a couple of events in Dubai and London to mesmerise Urdu lovers with his narration of classic Urdu literature.
He is working on a series of short videos to pay tribute to prominent Urdu literary personalities like Ghalib, Habib Jalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, John Eliya and others. “Once I finish recording the short videos, five-minute narrations to cover different aspects of these personalities for Urdu lovers, these will be uploaded on social media platforms.”
Known in his close circle of friends as ‘Qasid’  (messenger), Taimur is working on various projects to promote Urdu literature among the masses, especially those who are living in Western countries. “I’m working on a project with a group of artists based in Germany for an interactive session while similar ventures will be organised in other Western countries for Urdu lovers,” he said.
Highlighting the importance of books, he shed light on his personal library of Urdu books with over 1,200 titles of prominent literary personalities. He says books leave an everlasting impression for upcoming generations. “People like me who are working on promoting Urdu literature are happy to see more and more people coming into this realm and performing in different styles. Their only aim is to promote Urdu especially in youngsters. I learnt that a group in Dubai is also promoting the language by holding Urdu literary sessions while there are many non-government organisations which organise regular Urdu poetry sessions (mushairay) in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that are attended by a large number of Urdu lovers,” he said.
-Published at The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on April 23, 2017.

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