Association offers free halls for weddings

Ajman association-18
By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

With the wedding season approaching, a prominent association in Ajman has announced a unique way of giving to provide concessions in booking halls and obtaining services from partnering service providers to hold their weddings. This coincides with the Year of Giving-2017.
“In the wedding season, local families have been spending a lot of money on weddings arrangements and we at the Umm Al Momineen Association, Ajman, are offering a wide range of discounts from 50 per cent to 60 per cent and even free spaces for these families to hold their upcoming wedding receptions in any of the five banquet halls. This is our part of helping these families to reduce their financial burden on necessary events like weddings,” said Abdulrahman Alraeisi, general manager of the association, while talking to The Gulf Today on the sidelines of the 3-day exhibition.
The association has arranged a 3-day exhibition with the participation of 12 leading service providers in the sector of food, dresses, gifts, photography and others for the families to help themselves in the planning.
“There are huge number of local families as well as those belonging to other nationalities residing in Ajman who are planning to hold their wedding receptions in the upcoming summer season and keeping their hassles in mind, the association has decided to offer what is better for these families as our share of giving. So we have announced to provide a banquet hall for such events free with the offers of concessions on other arrangements in collaboration with our partners specialising in wedding dresses, food, cutlery, party dresses, perfumes, gifting, photography and others arrangements with a wide range of discounts upto 60 per cent,” Alraeisi said.
The association has five grand halls with the capacity of 50 guests to 1000 guests at a time and offering these halls free and also offering discounts on other services providing by the partners in the initiative by the association as 2017-the Year of Giving.
Responding a question, he said that they had announced the imitative two weeks ago and so far families are rushing to get bookings of their appropriate dates ahead of the time for their weddings.
“Generally we have around 150 to 200 wedding receptions in one season and with the announcement of Year of Giving initiative by the Association, the number of bookings has already getting increased as around 50 per cent bookings have already made by local families,” he said.
Alraeisi mentioned that there are a large number of expatriate families from different countries are residing in Ajman and anyone can get benefit from this offer either they are living in Ajman or any part of the country.
-Published at The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on April 18, 2017.

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