Five-day painting exhibition opens

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

SCORES of art lovers from different segments of life residing in Sharjah attended the opening night of the 5-day painting exhibition “Colours” by Sharjah-based Indian artist AP Laitu.
It was his third exhibition at the club in last couple of years to showcase a wide range of paintings, textile and pottery. Dr Omar Abdulaziz, president Arab Culture Club, Sharjah inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of artists, art lovers and visitors on late Thursday night.
“As my hobby while in my retirement, I have been engaged in different forms of art from pottery to textile paintings as well as painting on canvas. The series of 20 paintings under ‘Colors’ being displayed at the Arab Culture Club done by bright colours to draw my inner expressions of love, admiration, hospitality and prosperity of the country on canvas,” said Laitu after the inauguration. Since his last paintings exhibition in the club, the artist completed 36 paintings and only 20 were selected to showcase at 5-day exhibition will run till April 18.
Abdulaziz said the paintings of artist Laitu have remarkable composition of contrast colours. as Each artwork provides a unique combination of different styles on a single painting for visitors engrossed in his artwork admire.
“He (Laitu) painted a lot considering his age – not many contemporary artists produce such artwork at such a rapid pace. He is one of the talented artists showcasing his latest artwork at the club. Each painting not only represents different styles and landscapes, but also structures. He mixed different schools of painting at the same time without unbalancing the use of contrast colours,” he said.
Abdulaziz appreciated the use of bright colours and termed the ‘Indian spirit of paintings’ to create unique artwork with vivid colours while spreading happiness.
“The most amazing thing about Laitu is despite his age he worked very fast. It seems that he wants to go a long way in a short time. I have been observing him for a long time and attended his previous exhibitions and admired his artworks. Since his first exhibition, we observed he has changed his painting methods with realistic being seen in every single artwork as it is very unique with artists especially in this age,” Dr Omar said.
Every second week, the club organised art exhibitions to promote a wide range of artists from different backgrounds and nationalities and provide the local community a chance to see the variety of artworks.
Later, while interacting with visitors belonging to different communities gathered at the club’s Majlis, the artist explained his hobby and passion for colours. Responding to a guest’s question, he said that he has been painting to express his inner feelings through colours on canvas. He shares them with people without the intention of making money.
-Published at The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on April 15, 2017.

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