By Jamil Khan | Dubai

SPECIAL needs students enrolled in the three workshops held at Rashid Centre for the Disabled as they have been imparting training in art, carpentry and gardening with the aim of preparing them to live in society independently.
The gardening workshop at Rashid Centre has been training students with useful skills to earn a decent livelihood. The group of ten students with different disabilities showed they could learn something better to live a decent life.
The workshop was initiated 4 years ago as a training programme that allocates a portion of land within the premises with the aim of providing gardening skills for adult students, besides teaching other skills at the Centre. rashid-garden77
Maryam Othman, CEO of the Centre, said that these workshops are playing a major role for students to learn which will benefit them their whole lives.
Garnet Correa, teacher at the workshop, told The Gulf Today that “the group of students has now enough experience and skills that now we are producing bumper produce of tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, watermelon and herbs like coriander, mint, curry-leaves and others as now we need to sell these outside the centre like regular retail shops. Our marketing team has been working for over one month to find out a better option and negotiating with different retail outlets to sell our produce or get a space to set up stalls where our organic products could be sold easily,” he said.
He also pointed that they are also planning to sell organic food items through the Rashid Souq which is a selling point of various products made by the students in two other workshops of art and carpentry. “The revenue to sell produce outside will provide encouragement to these students as they earn by themselves.” rashid-garden55
The Centre has recently constructed a massive glass conservatory to grow various types of herbs and varieties of indoor plants that are being used as decorative ornaments.
Highlighting the training workshop, the trainer pointed out, “The training programme is 2-3 years depending on the learning abilities of the students. Next year our workshop is expecting more students as we are trying to find jobs for existing students in the outside market. Last year, two students from the same workshop got jobs as gardeners at Desert Group, a Dubai-based company providing gardening solutions,” he said.
Garnet Correa, the teacher at the gardening workshop, has been associated with the Rashid Centre for over 11-years. Earlier he was working in another special needs training Centre in Dubai.
The students spend three hours a day at the gardening workshop to learn and hone their skills like weeding, watering, sapling planting and other routine gardening tasks.
The Centre has a huge number of visitors to provide mainstream society the chance to interact with the students. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the students from the gardening workshop had set up their stall to sell their produce at a nominal price and they received huge response. “We are showcasing the results of hard labour put in by our students to display the variety of fresh produce and sell at an economical price. It is not profitable but ultimately draws huge awareness on the benefits of the workshop as well as on these students. The interaction with visitors while selling at these stalls also boosts confidence of these students especially when they proudly told them that it was their produce at the Rashid Centre,” Correa said.
-Published in The Gulf Today | March 27, 2017

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