Amazing Dubai

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

Dubai’s transformation from desert sand to a city of superlatives has amazed the world.
Siraj Khan, who worked with a multi-national firm in the US as an audit and risk management consultant and has returned to Dubai after four decades, says he is astounded by the emirate’s fast pace of growth. siraj khan-dxb
At a recent meeting over coffee, he remarked to this correspondent that he could not believe so many aesthetically-built skyscrapers have sprung up on the road known as the business hub of Dubai.
“My office was in Sheikh Rashid Tower (World Trade Centre) which was then the tallest building in Dubai. When we turned our gaze towards Abu Dhabi, there were only a couple of buildings.
“It is remarkable how the Emirate has transformed in the last four decades with its world-class civic infrastructure, skyscrapers and transport network,” he pointed out.
Having travelled 70-plus countries during the last 40 years as a leading professional, he says that his love for Dubai has multiplied beyond words.
“What surprises me is that people from all over the world – 200 plus nationalities – live and work here in such harmony that it serves as a beautiful model for the rest of the countries.”
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on March 13, 2017.

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