Misuse of national titles

THE practice of quacks, ‘taveez babas’ and so-call expert of ‘black magic’ has been in and around of the big cities for a long time and their advertisements in Urdu newspapers especially ‘eveningers’ have not a secret to any regular or irregular reader.
Recently, one such advertisement was went through my eyeRandom Read1s on London Edition of industry’s ‘No. 1 Urdu’ paper where a Professor Bengali heralded his expertise to resolve every problem on the face of the earth with his ‘authentic magic’ as the results could be witnessed even ‘across seven Seas’.
That bullshit is a common rhetoric for such ‘black magic’ experts to make fool of innocent people but the danger and most stupid and illiterate muggers now using the terms or titles knew to prominent Pakistanis but bullying people to call them “FAKHER-e-PAKISTAN”. Every single Pakistani knew that the title has been given and written with the name of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of nation’s atomic programme.
People like these cheaters to fool common people through their mischievous tricks openly and boldly using term of ‘professor’ for themselves for a long time and should somehow be stopped by the concern authorities. They delay has now giving these people to use other titles wrongly.
If the authorities failed to tighten the leash of these people then soon the readers will see other titles allocated to prominent people’s with the names of ‘Amil Baba’ and ‘black magic’ experts.
Let’s be ready to encounter such wrongdoings firmly.

~ by jamilkhan on February 1, 2017.

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