By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

PARENTS, as part of the ‘Coffee Morning’ at Potentiel Nursery, Dubai, were excited to walk in their children’s shoes in a bid to learn more about the nursery’s curriculum and the different activities their kids partake in.
Talking to The Gulf Today, a group of parents of the nursery, hailing from different countries, expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the curriculum and the diligence of the teachers in grooming the kids.
Nawal, a mother of a two-and-half-year-old girl, said the “Coffee Morning” programme enables them to know what transpires in their child’s learning process. “Since my daughter’s enrolment in this nursery, our observations of her study routine are impressive. The teachers are extremely professional and showing extreme patience in dealing with the kids. This is praiseworthy,” she said.
Yaseen, whose daughter goes to the nursery, also hailed the monthly “Coffee Morning” initiative as a platform to appreciate the progress in their children’s study lives, away from home.
“My daughter has been actively participating in various activities. This is the pride of a parent. Furthermore, she is learning Arabic, English and French,” he said.
Mireille Atallah said that the regular gatherings shed light on the various aspects of children’s learning styles and the psychology involves. She said a parent that is informed about their child’s learning process is in an informed position to follow their child’s academic progress.
Atallah was thrilled to play the role of her daughter, while participating in the nursery’s activities. “I not only sat on my daughter’s seat to enjoy the whole day’s learning process, but the teachers, throughout the day, called me by my daughter’s name. It was indeed a special day,” she said.
She was thrilled to be part of the activities as pretending by her daughter. “I was not only sit on my daughter’s seat to enjoy the whole day learning process but they (teachers) throughout the day call me with my daughter’s name, it was indeed a special day,” she exclaimed.
However, the parents also experience the child-oriented approach by the teachers to impart many things through a series of activities and in the shoe of their own child for day found not only interesting but satisfactory.
The nursery is run by Linda Yazigi and Randa Alhemeiri, who told The Gulf Today that “today at Potentiel Nursery, the parents had the chance to walk in their child’s shoes. During the monthly ‘Coffee Morning’ programme, we invite parents and show them the children’s day-long learning experience. We showed them how the different teachers relate with the children, daily,” she said.
As part of the activity, the parents rotated within six varied activities that were customized for the different age groups, from Age 6months – 4 years including cooking activity, sensorial skills; Arabic activity, singing and reading a story in Arabic; logic and pre-math activities, counting and numbering; sorting activity, visual and audio memory;  singing activity, imagination, body expression and following rhythms and finally gross motor skill activity to recognizing the round shape around us and socializing skills.
“We have strengthened our partnership with the parents by showing them how we play with their children to achieve our curriculum goals,” she added.
The morning was also incorporated a workshop with Linda Yazigi’s tips on how to actively play with your children. Don’t be a cheerleader, be actively involved and have fun with them.
The parents participated in the varied activities that were customised for the different age groups, ranging from six months to four years. These included cooking, singing, story-telling, logic and pre-maths activities, counting and numbering, visual and audio memory, socialising and body expression, among others.
A stall operated by ‘Les CaravanesDes Loisirs’ displayed their varied collection of French Books which the parents happily looked through and chose a gift for their children.
-Published in The Gulf Today

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