‘Youngsters’ participation in championship preserving heritage’


By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

LOCAL children as young as four years old along with their parents are participating in the fourth Fazza Championship for Falconry with the aim of preserving the heritage and competing to win great prizes.
This was stated by Suad Ibrahim Darwish, Director of Fazza Championship for Falconry Al Tilwah, in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today on the opening of the Junior Category on Saturday. The championship is being organised by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre (HHC) in a dedicated area in Al Ruwayyah, Dubai. The largest and most popular among the series of falconry championships will continue till Jan.12 with the participation of elite contenders in various categories and groups.
She said that the participation in the fourth edition of the championship has increased impressively as the young contenders from all over the UAE are showing great interest in the series of events aimed to promote local heritage and traditional sports. “We kick off the championship to engage the young generation so they not only learn to protect and preserve the local heritage and traditional games while also adopting these as hobbies from the young age,” she said.
Responding to a question, she pointed that since the inception of Fazza Championship especially Falconry, they have been adopting every available technology to set the championship par high. “This year, all procedures from the registration to final results and in every step in the field and off-field, everything is computerised as different means of technologies are being using to maintain high accuracy and transparency,” she added.
The organisers have been using Wifi-enabled sensors throughout the field to monitor the tagged falcons’ speed, digital panels to register entries in the fields as well.

Indian researcher
The Fazza Championship for Falconry Al Tilwah has become a subject of research for an Indian professor.
Suad Darwish pointed, “We are glad that now heritage tourism is playing a vital role and the Fazza Championships, specially the falconry event, are attracting a lot of tourists, researchers and students from universities around the world. We are sustaining this culture through innovative methods by creating this championship and this is how heritage sports will be propagated in future,” she said.
Dr Zubair Medammal, a researcher from University of Calicut, India lauded the Fazza Championships overall and was amazed by the importance given to falconry in the UAE in particular and the region in general.
“This is the first of a kind. I came here to complete my research on falconry through this championship. I am surprised to see the high level of organisation and participation. Studying how these falcons are trained for racing has enriched my research about falconry,” he said.
There are about 12 judges on the field of the course to monitor the flight of both the airplane and falcon during the competition including at the start and finish lines.
The official sponsors of heritage events are Al Tayer Motors, Land Rover, Dubai Airports, AW Rostamani (Arabian Automobiles), Dubai World Trade Center, Global Village and Al Oula Radio.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on January 8, 2017.

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