Love of ‘Humanity’

PROMOTING ‘love of humanity’ has been one of the most debatable issue these days as not only by the leaders around the world but also prominent personalities not letting any chance to ‘spread’ the humanity regardless of any Random Read1religion.
And in Pakistan, there are people especially in the politics are dying to do so.
The recent example is Asif Zardari, co-chairperson of PPP. Even though Mr Zardari had completed a full 5-year term in power corridors as President of Pakistan but it was not enough for one who has been known for favouring people around him and to serve the nation and the country.
The task is seem incomplete.
Recently, after returning from his 18-month self-exile, he announced to contest for National Assembly seat to return in the power corridors.
Regardless of moral values and ethics of statesman around the world where once a politician sit on a higher position never returned to any public office especially in lower positions. They prefer to be mentor and provide their experience to ‘juniors’ besides enjoy rest of their life.
But we are living in Pakistan, a miracle country where one has to be in power corridors to protect his vast ‘interests’ from the lashes of the blindfolded ‘lady justice’.
Asif Zardari once known as ‘Mr 10 Percent’ during his wife’s 2-terms as prime minister and later rise to ‘Mr 100 Percent’ after the murder of his wife and he climbed as ‘co-chairman’ along with his son to maintain family control on the party.
He is going to contest in the by-polls for the NA-213 seat vacant while Bilawal on NA-204 seat to march for National Assembly and control the ‘situation’ for next general elections to be held next year.

~ by jamilkhan on January 5, 2017.

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