UAE 45th National Day

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

MALLS, social clubs, schools and other prominent organisations are gearing up to celebrate the 45th National Day with an array of activities in befitting manners.
Wafi Mall takes pride in creating an enriching experience for its visitors on the occasion of the 45th UAE National Day.
Celebrations will take place throughout the mall on Dec 1st and 2nd, creating a truly patriotic ambiance of togetherness and unity. All UAE citizens and residents are invited to come together to relive the proud history of the country.
Dubai Police’s music band will play a number of tunes and well-known musical pieces to commemorate the National Day. Wafi Mall will echo with melodies played by the prestigious band on Dec 2 from 4 to 5:15pm.
This National Day people from different communities will savour authentic Emirati delights such as Jabab, Khamir, Balaleet and much more at the mall’s main atrium. This activity will be open for guests from 3 to 9 pm. In addition, guests will relish the aromatic ‘Karak’ tea and Arabic Coffee in the midst of a Majlis area that will be created for their leisure.

The 45th National Day is a celebration that unifies everyone in the Emirates no matter what race, culture or nationality. Tablez Food Company and Bloomsbury’s, the chic boutique café and artisan bakery, celebrates this special occasion by showcasing a stunning exhibition of 45 cakes depicting 45 celebrations of life with the star attraction being the UAE National Day assembly of 620 cupcakes in the colours of the UAE Flag – celebrating the spirit of Union and the gratitude to the country. The celebration held at Mushrif Mall atrium withthe Special Care Centre children joined the celebration.
Commenting on the occasion, Shafeena Yusuff Ali CEO Tablez Food Company, said: “The UAE is a remarkable nation built on the foresight of its outstanding visionary leaders, who have effectively created an environment which allows businesses of all types to flourish and succeed. Tablez Food Company has been in the UAE since 2010 and been part of the spectacular transformation of the UAE with great pride and gratitude.”

Pak Solidarity Celebrations
Students from 13 various Pakistani students as part of the “Solidarity Celebrations” a series of events in the run up to Dec 2, hold an enticing evening at the Pakistan Auditorium as part of UAE National Day.
The evening was dedicated to the two great visionaries of the Muslim world; Dr Allama Iqbal, the spiritual founder of Pakistan, and the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Ruler of UAE.
The chief guest of the event was Saleh Ali Al Mazmi, Head of Licensing at CDA Dubai, who highly appreciated and acknowledged the strong relationship between the two countries while having a look at the pictures from the voyage of friendship and the exhibition of Iqbal’s poetry. “I congratulate Pakistan Association for being successful and the most active association in the emirate of Dubai,” he said.
The event was held at the Pakistan Auditorium, where students performed splendid colourful tableaus on the poetry of Iqbal, representing his most acclaimed quotes and verses from history. The message of the undaunted thinker of the subcontinent was further elaborated and enlivened by the participation of students in the quiz competition.
In the tableau completion, Pakistan Islamic Private School, Al Ain came in 1st and Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School Ras Al Khaimah, Islamia English School Abu Dhabi and Pakistan Education Academy secured the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place positions respectively.
-Published in The Gulf Today | Nov 25, 2016

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