Businessmen assert staunch support

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

THE Pakistani expatriate business community in Dubai pledged to extend its full support in the construction and completion of the recently launched Pakistan Centre in the name of benefiting the community at large.
“We as a community will stand by our association to fulfil all major projects with financial and moral support.
“These initiatives like the Pakistan Centre are a great relief for the community overall for having their own place where family gatherings are held for entertainment.
“All members of our council with their collective means will support the completion of the project,” said Ahmed Shaikhani, president of the Pakistan Business Council.
Shaikhani addressed a reception being hosted by the association on its premises and attended by office-bearers of the council as well as friends from various communities residing in the emirates.
The Pakistan Centre recently launched by the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) will set up a complex in its premises with the facilities of medical, entertainment, fitness and a themed restaurant.
Dr Ziaul Hassan, president of the PAD, told guests that the project is another step towards providing better health and other facilities through the platform of the association.
“With the community’s support, the association completed a multi-purpose hall to be used in various activities and gatherings for the community.”

Dr Faisal Ikram, general secretary PAD, earlier briefed the audience about the activities being organizing for the community throughout the year and also supporting by every segments of the expat community.
“We have launched one of the unique project, Pakistan Centre, and once it is completed, this will be the only community centre for overseas Pakistanis in the world. The drive to collect finance under ‘one nation – one dream’ has been launched to collect AED 12 million and we are assured that the support from the different segments of the Pakistan community especially businessmen will be affirmative to start the work,” he said.
The assurance from the business community was highly appreciated by the different sphere of the Pakistani expatriates in the UAE as such affluent members had seen in the past to come forward for the vast interest its brethren.
It is also mentioned that the members of PBC were first time officially visited the association as the council has recently elect their entire office bearers.
The event was attended by various prominent community members, officials from the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai and others.

-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on November 19, 2016.

One Response to “Businessmen assert staunch support”

  1. Masha Allah
    V good effort
    PAD team has delivered before and will
    Show their best fr community at large

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