Interview: Hana Bakar

‘Shomooa’ spreads knowledge among masses

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

THE Community Development Authority (CDA) Dubai recently launched the “Shomooa” initiative to hold a series of lecture sessions by qualified trainers for volunteers on a wide range of topics.
The initiative “Shomooa,” which means candles, was launched in September. It has conducted five sessions so far and was cda-mrs-hana-bakar-al-harthiattended by over 250 volunteers ranging in the age group 18 to 60 years.
Hana Bakar Al Harthi, Director of Family Cohesion Department-CDA, in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today unveiled the details of the Shomooa initiative.
The idea is to spread knowledge to develop volunteers and see its impact especially on volunteers and generally in the society as a whole.
“Shomooa” means candle that spreads light to its surroundings. The CDA initiative aims to spread knowledge, skills and experience in the society.
“Around 5,600 volunteers have registered at the CDA from all over the country. They have signed to offer their services in their respective fields as their contribution to the society. Our recently launched Shomooa project holds interactive sessions for them and is one of the major comprehensive awareness as well as training initiatives,” she said.
The proportion among the registered volunteers at the CDA includes 80 per cent expats and 20 per cent Arabs including locals.
As part of the Shomooa, the CDA has 10 certified trainers, highly qualified in their respective fields of various sectors. They offer their services as trainers to conduct sessions for volunteers as well as for the general public.

“We are providing free sessions for the volunteers as such training sessions cost thousands of dirhams if one seeks outside which also stretches to many sessions. The sessions by CDA generally conducted on weekends with the flexibility of time while at the end of the session all the volunteers also awarded a certificate,” she added.
The aim to develop individuals in the country through sessions with diversified topics being lectured on included new social media trends and impact on individuals besides improve their leadership skills, psychological behavior, special training on business management, personal finance management as tool of one’s life skills.
The Shomooa is open for general public and anyone with extraordinary qualification with the motive of spreading his or her knowledge with others will be given equal chance to conduct a couple of sessions under the CDA’s Shomooa umbrella. “We would love to see more people from different nationalities to be part of the initiative and share their knowledge, skill and experience with others,” she said.
Hana Bakar Al Harthi mentioned that the growing exposure through various mode of media about the initiative has grab the attention of highly qualified professionals, businessmen and others from the social clubs, business entities, chamber commerce and such other huge organizations and offering their skills to share with others.
“We are hoping that the number of activities under the Shomooa will be increased to many folds and bring substantial changes among the residents,” she added.
The CDA has also planning to introduce ‘ambassadors’ which will be trained by the CDA to further spread their knowledge, skills and expertise in their own respective environment.
The next session under Shomooa will be held on Nov 26 in Al Rashidya Majlis to deliver a lecture on business management by Dr Ahmad Al Nauimi, a PhD in Human Development.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on November 14, 2016.

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