Smallest Books in SIBF

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

THE ongoing 35th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) has been quenching the thirst for knowledge for every sphere of the society. As days pass by, the momentum of visitors’ footfall to explore the recently published and widely acclaimed books by over 1,600 publishing houses from 60 countries is increasing manifold.
Besides numerous attractions of books covering every subject under the sun, the fair’s halls spread to every corner of the expo centre. A large number of government bodies including police, education, heritage and others besides prominent regional organisations have set up stalls here. They educate visitors on their activities be it their printed material or about their initiatives for love of printed words.
Many global publishing houses are taking advantage of the multiculturalism that exists in the UAE. Besides the regular publishing houses that offer mainstream books, a Peruvian exhibitor brought a wide range of mini books with topics ranging from classic works by world-acclaimed writers to novels for young and adults and others.
The smallest books range displayed in the fair are handmade and measure just 1×2 centimetres (0.4×0.8×0.4 inch). The tiny series include the stories of Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, Princess and ABC illustrated book with object figures with the price tag of Dhs12 for each.
Luis Espinoza, the sales manager of Mini Books, told The Gulf Today that the response from the last year’s book fair has encouraged them to participate again. A number of new titles in the category of “world’s smallest books” covering a wide variety of topics have been included.
“The range of books we are offering as Smallest Books are all handmade, colourful and are being prepared in Peru since 1975 in four major languages: English, Italian, French and Spanish. There are many who have enquired about Arabic titles, which unfortunately we do not have. But hopefully we will bring a good range of titles next year to cater for the needs of book lovers based in the UAE,” he said.
The publishers of Smallest Books have displayed 35 titles in English, 400 in Spanish, 20 in French and 50 in Italian this year. The price range is between Dhs12 to 40 each.
There are also tiny bookshelves with a collection of 13 books with a price tag of Dhs375 to Dhs400. The tiny books attached with a keychain are also attracting many visitors.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on November 6, 2016.

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