Youth prepare for UAE’s 1st Pak

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

STUDENTS from 10 different Pakistani schools in the UAE will showcase their projects, presentations at the UAE’s first all-Pakistani schools conference on Oct.29 at the Pakistan Auditorium in Dubai.
The event is being organised by the Pakistan Youth Forum (PYF) of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) for community students to present their ideas through presentations, posters, and panel discussions on three key global challenges – wastage of food, access to clean water, and climate change.
Several key leaders of the society, including popular local journalist and motivational speaker Khalid Al Ameri, have confirmed their attendance as speakers or judges at the Student Leadership Conference 2016.
In addition, Hammad Naqi Khan, Director-General and CEO of WWF-Pakistan, will also be flying in from Pakistan to attend the conference as an honorable member of the judging panel. Khan will interact with the students to highlight the impact of global challenges on our lives and the actions young Pakistanis and students can take for betterment of their environment.
The UAE has always supported dialogue and exchange of ideas to develop sustainable solutions to environmental issues. PYF-PAD aims to promote this practice to the younger generation of the Pakistani community residing in the country.
Pakistan Youth Forum plans to host the student conference annually in order to continue driving awareness of global challenges and encourage innovation from the young Pakistani community in the UAE.

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-Published in The Gulf Today

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