Pakistani social bodies

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

WITH the aim of educating the community on different aspects of health and fitness issues, the two prominent bodies of the Pakistani community in Dubai and Sharjah, through its partners, have organised a number of activities.
On the occasion of World Arthritis Day last week, the Medical Wing of Pakistan Association Dubai (Pad) was invited to be part of Transguard’s initiative to raise awareness on World Arthritis Day.
A group of specialist doctors and physiotherapists visited the labourers’ accommodation in Sonapur to raise awareness and educate them on the importance of exercise and diet. Informative material in English and Urdu were distributed. A few stretching exercises were taught to the audience along with information on musculoskeletal health problems.
The community had shown great interest in the activities and obtained maximum knowledge from the doctors to learn exercises and other information.
Majida, a physiotherapist, through a discussion to a group of labourers emphasised how arthritis can be prevented and managed by minimally invasive physiotherapy practice.
The Health and Safety Department of Transguard and Pad have been working jointly in the past to organise many free medical checks-ups in the holy month of Ramadan and awareness talks at the Head Office of Transguard for their staff on World Heart Day recently.

PSCS Awareness Programme
However, the Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah (PSCS) has organised an interactive session, a part of the month-long Breast Cancer Campaign, for the community in its premises.
The session was organised in collaboration with ASTR Medical Centre and a local educational training institute.
The 2-part session was conducted  …
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on October 18, 2016.

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