Pak teachers attend session

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

MAJLIS is one of the important parts of UAE culture as all vital events of a family and national happen there. “We are proud of our culture, heritage and identity and want to share with other communities residing here.”
This was stated in an exclusive interview by Hana Bakkar Al Harthi, Director of Social Cohesion Department, Community Development Authority (CDA) Dubai, with The Gulf Today.
The day-long interactive session was organised by the CDA on ‘National Identity in UAE’ at Al Rashidya Majlis on Oct.8 with a group of 25 female teachers from different Pakistani schools in the UAE.
“Gatherings with different nationalities on national identities are being held for many years and from this year we decided to discuss and share the similarities of local cultures. With the coordination between CDA and various licensed social clubs in Dubai, we invite groups from communities quarterly to have lively interactions with questions and answers,” she said.
During the panel discussion, the participants asked a wide range of questions related to UAE culture, heritage, customs and other day-to-day affairs in Emirati living.
“There are people living in the country for a long time but don’t know much about our customs and different aspects of our culture, which is why we are organising these ‘jalsas’ or gatherings to response to their questions such as the way we celebrate our weddings, etiquette of Majlis, exchange of pleasantries, families in the UAE and others,” she said.
The social department of CDA also holds meetings on ‘National Identity in UAE’ for schoolchildren and members of different communities to share the cultural values. “We are very open and want to share our heritage, history, customs and traditions with these participants as we want them to understand as it’s the very first pillar of happiness community,” she added.
She mentioned that recently that they had such meetings with Indian and Sri Lankan communities as the CDA held more than one meeting with such communities upon their requests.
“Today was a female only event as we believe women are essential part of the family and the bearers of the next generation,” Al Harthi added.
Samina Nasir, a coordinator from Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), told The Gulf Today …
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on October 9, 2016.

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