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Northern Ireland’s food exports to MEA up 24 per cent
By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH | Sept 01, 2016

SHARJAH: Northern Ireland food and beverage exports to the Middle East & Africa (MEA) markets has increased 24 per cent during the period 2010-11 to 2014-15 as dairy products on the top export from the NI.
This was stated by Shane McArdle, Head of Business Development – Food & Beverage, Middle East & Asia, Food and Tourism, Invest Northern Ireland, in an interview with The Gulf Today.
He pointed out that the Northern Ireland consolidates a lot of product via Great Britain and Republic of Ireland for the Middle East & Africa markets.
“The top product range being imported from NI is dairy like powder milk, cheese and other products including Halal beef and lamb, seafood, fruits and vegetables beside many other products from Northern Ireland to meet the growing demand of multi-national community in the UAE,” he said.
He mentioned that many products are listed in food and retail sectors including dairy product range like eggs, powder milk, cheese, cereals, cream, beef, lamb, health & wellness products.
“Our products are highly natural quality benefitting consumers and offering opportunity to the customers buy from these available retailers like Lulu Supermarket, Spinney’, Carrefour and Al Maya Supermarkets while a number are products available at Dubai Free Shop including bottled water,” he added.
The response from retailers in the UAE has also been encouraging as buyers are showing more interest in our products especially in health & wellness range witnessed five folds increase in last three years.
The Food and drink is Northern Ireland’s biggest manufacturer, contributing almost £5 billion to the economy in 2014, generating sales abroad in excess of £4 billion and providing employment for around 100,000 across an extensive supply chain.
Almost 75 per cent of food and drink is sold outside Northern Ireland. As well as being a major supplier to Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, the industry exports to more than 60 countries including the US, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of Europe.
Fresh fish and seafood, such as salmon, oysters and langoustines, are exported to Europe and further afield. Almost 30,000 farms, largely family owned, provide a comprehensive range of quality raw materials including grass-fed beef and lamb and milk as well as poultry, cereals, potatoes and vegetables. The sector includes many of Northern Ireland’s biggest and most successful exporters.
-Published in The Gulf Today

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