Sky’s The Limit

RECENTLY a picture was viral and ‘social media warriors’ rather than to understand the message and the intention of the person who circulate the picture, they initiated the argue on the authenticity of the content.
Okay, the picture was indeed a combo of Najat Belkacem, a Morocco lady who was seen as young girl as shepherd in rugs photograph somewhere inRandom Read1 the countryside of her birthplace and the other showed of a young lady in high-end dressed proudly marching through the stairs of a government building as a French Minister of Higher Education.
The story of a shepherd girl to rose in the French politics and became minister twice during, Ayrault government and Valls government, pave the way for anyone who believe in hard-work, justice and a fair system to provide anyone a high post who dare to dream.
There are innumerable stories of individuals who rose high and told the world that there is no power on earth who stop anyone to dream a dream and live his dream and proved that sky’s is the limits.
We should not pass our judgment hastily on any post for the sake of putting something in the comment box. There are people who deserve to salute and learn something from their life stories.

~ by jamilkhan on August 19, 2016.

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