Desi Games Night to begin

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

A LARGE number of families from the Pakistani community residing in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are rushing to their association to register themselves to take part in the upcoming Desi Games Night to be held on Aug.11.
The evening will see a wide variety of traditional games held at the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) premises as part of the month-long series of celebrations to enjoy the country’s Independence Day.
“There are many families as well as individuals who enrolled either through online or other modes to take part in a wide variety of traditional games which are being played for the first time in Dubai. Many have played such games decades ago in their childhood,” said Tahir Zaidi, Joint Secretary PAD.
The association has spread the word among their members weeks ago, as every day more and more people showed keen interest in participating in the games.
“Almost every single member of our community has played at least one of the games in his or her childhood. All countries have games that are popular among young children.
“The irony is that the young children from the community in the UAE have only heard about such games and have no idea how much excitement each game brings.
“This Desi Games Night will be a great chance for everyone to take advantage of it as families are registering to be part of the evening and try once again their childhood favourite games,” he said.
The registration fee ranges from Dhs5 to 10 while the games include Punja Aazmai, Bazoo Pakrai or Bazoo Geeri, Koodi, Wanji, Lido,Carrom Board, Pithu Garam and Rassa Kashi (Tug of War) and will be held under the supervision of the sports committee of the association as “Meri Pehchan Pakistan” banner.
Some games included in the Desi Games Night are being played by the families as indoor…
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on August 10, 2016.

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