Garbage, garbage everywhere garbage!

CLEANLINESS is one of the lingering issues being facing by the Karchiites for eternity as well as smooth supply of potable water, traffic and security.
Being feeling irritated by the worst smell of garbage piles in the metropolis, members from various NGOs and civil society groups try to take the situation in their hands but forget that the municipality has proper machinery and staff fRandom Read1or every particular task.
The task by cleaning the city saw many with brooms and trolleys and all was well covered by ratting-hungry electronic media and narcissist social media.
The local government, municipality on ground level has huge cleaning staff as all five districts in Karachi equipped with machinery as well. We will not forget that the municipality has thousands of staff on their payrolls and drawing millions every month from the national exchequer. We are treating the government staff that somehow they are not citizens or more than citizens as no one is questioning their duties but keeping them paid from public taxes to feed their ballot boxes for provincial and national assemblies’ seats.
People like Junaid Jamshed and others should not take brooms in their hands but to find the city government’s staff to do their job properly. Local governments or municipalities in big cities being using garbage into various products as generate funds for themselves while making their urban areas clean.

~ by jamilkhan on August 7, 2016.

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