Pakistan I-day anticipation

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI 

THE Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), the social body of Pakistan community members residing in Dubai, has lined up an array of activities to celebrate the country’s Independence Day (on Aug.14) with traditional and national enthusiasm.
Members of the executive committee and PAD office-bearers held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss a variety of programmes, from poetry session to traditional games, bringing together youths and families to provide a platform for the national celebration.
After the meeting, Tahir Zaidi, Joint General Secretary, told The Gulf Today that the association had discussed the details of the activities under the theme of “Meri Pehchan Pakistan” (My Identity Pakistan) to celebrate the national event and dedicate them to the country’s prominent humanitarian personality, Abdul Sattar Edhi, who died recently.
The celebrations, as part of “Meri Pehchan Pakistan,” will start with the holding of poetry session on July 29 at the Pakistan Auditorium in the PAD premises in which a number of Dubai-based Pakistani poets will enthral the audience.
On Aug.11, community members belong to different parts of the country will compete in a wide range of traditional regional activities under the banner of Pakistan Desi (local) Games Night.
The traditional local games will be like Punja Aazmai, Bazoo Pakrai or Bazoo Geeri, Wanji,Koodi, Carom Board, Lido, Pithu Garam and Rassa Kashi (Tug of War).
The games will include the variety of domestic games being played and enjoyed by youths all over Pakistan and will make an interesting scene for local and expatriate communities residing in the UAE.
However, the major day-long activities at the PAD will be held on Aug.14 with quizzes, national songs, and games for families as well as youngsters marking Independence Day with traditional zeal.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on July 20, 2016.

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