Sorry I will not do it again

ON THE completion of the 13 years of Iraq invasion, the BBC interviewed the man who started demolishing Saddam Hussain’s famed statue installed in Firdous Square, Baghdad. The interviewed carried out by all over the world and those who didn’t know him knew how sorry he is.Random Read1
“Why I did this? Why did I bring my sledgehammer and started demolishing his (Saddam Hussain) statue in the presence of Western forces?” he said as quoted in the interviewed. These questions will haunt Kadhim Sharif Al Jabouri throughout his life as whatever Saddam was as a ruler, like rest of the Iraq admitted that “he was powerful, ruthless but didn’t kill so much people that were killed in the time of ‘without Saddam Hussain’.
Isn’t this showing the worst side of human nature when one trusts the outsider and take advantage against his own people without thinking beyond the veil of false promises?
Before 13 years, there was only one Saddam in Iraq but as writers in Western media quoting there are now thousands and each one is more worst for the civilian population in the country. Not a single day the heavens on Iraq see a bomb blast or people killed by ‘massive western diplomacy’ (you can read WMD).
May Almighty Allah descends down peace and tranquility on Iraq and over the Muslim world and blessed nation true leaders.-Ameen

~ by jamilkhan on July 6, 2016.

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