Ramadan AND Pakistan

PAKISTAN the only Muslim majority country in the world got independent in the name of Islam. The irony of the majority of the Muslim populated country that Islam is less seen implemented in the lives of its Muslim population.
With every passing year, Islam as a religion has been portraying as out of this world and to-be difficult to adopt as a way of life by majority. One could see the rise of all the wrongdoings from cheating, hoardings, corruption, lawlessness, murder and all sorts of evils in every level of society. Random Read1
Being away from the teaching of Islam and letting only a small segment of the society to be responsible of religion. The majority is seeing the religion in general and one of holy month Ramadan in particular as some sort of ‘prime time for channels for ratings fight’ and allowing them to do whatever mockery they could in the name of religion.
The worst scenario is that with all the right things in place from majority of population of Muslim, hundreds of thousands of religious schools (madrassahs), religious organizations from political to welfare and such others the current holy month of Ramadan (h1437) not seen anyone to organize an Islamic event in the Islamic Republic of Islam.
Those were the days when nation was not glued to the screens of their mobile phones or televisions but attending recitation contests between young students of Holy Quran, Naats or visiting places to organize exhibitions of Islamic artifacts like calligraphy, rare manuscripts of Holy Quran and such others.
In the Middle East, the country with majority of expatriates, still local governments manage to host events related to the Holy Quran from recitation contests to calligraphic exhibitions as the participants were invited from all over the Muslim world.
It was great surprise to learnt that a calligraphic work by Muhammad Ali Zahid was the only entry seen in recent 8th session of the Ramadan Forum for Quran Calligraphy held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City Dubai.
We as individual or organization in Pakistan could organize such events to promote our local talent but also invite foreigners to exchange the ideas.

~ by jamilkhan on July 1, 2016.

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