Health An Ignorant Sector

ON MAY 28, 2016 the PML-N government issued a huge advertisement in all leading and non-leading newspapers to promote their ‘3-years of successful democratic govt’ (it was also first time Nawaz Sharif completed three years in office). It highlights 15 major projects the government initiated in its 3-year tenure as most were to overcome energy problem in the country.
The 15 major projects being initiated are to overcome energy crisis while only one project in health sector which only cater elderly people in with free healthcare facilities. Random Read1
The ignorance of healthcare sector is more than a crime as no major city is adequately equipped to cater any disaster or epidemic like situation even when a small town (Layiyah) in Punjab saw the death of over 30 people recently. Even civil defence and any emergency service in country are not furnished with proper stretches to fetch sick people to hospitals. The mainstream and social media recently circulated a picture shows that a poor patient was carrying hospital on a wheelbarrow by his relatives as newspapers always seen with photos of people are being fetching by either wheelbarrow or some other means of poor arrangements.
The ground reality which is our beloved government is not paying any attention is that it is we citizens of Pakistan who matters most and our health as well. All other fall in next categories especially he himself was not satisfied for the healthcare sector and had to rush London for is ‘open heart surgery’. The so-called procedure and his hospital yatra still buzzing the social media with so many conspiracies with ‘dummy patient with long hairs’, ‘heart surgery in 30-minutes’, ‘4 open heart surgeries at once’, ‘becoming conscious and talking within hours’, etc.
Isn’t time come to pay due attention of healthcare sector and equipped emergency response centres with basic supplies and trained paramedics?

~ by jamilkhan on June 2, 2016.

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