Poors AND Housing Schemes

PAKISTAN is one of the many countries were the scarcity of homes for families persist and the solution is not seen in any distant future.
Even though there are over half-a-dozen government department/organizations responsible for this unfortunately only minting money like any other government department through the country. To get benefit of having a subRandom Read1stantial portion from the pie the demand of new houses has been fulfilling by private sector. In the last over two decades, names like Bahria Town, Askari and DHA were the major players in the housing industry to provide high-end luxury homes to the rich and ultra rich in the country where price of a flat starts from Rs5 million and for a one-storey villa from Rs15 million.
Now the pie has been an easy to slice by other players as well when Fazayia and Airport Security Force entered into the field to sell homes from booking to provide furnished homes in Karachi and other major cities throughout the country.
If the security agencies are in the field of housing industry then the question valid to ask about the role of government bodies they up to? May be once the all other lingering issues from water, power and most important Panama Leaks solved, someone will have enough time to make homes for COMMON citizens.

~ by jamilkhan on June 1, 2016.

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