May & Money: Shirjeel & Raisani

IT SEEMS that the month of May in the reign of PML-N proved as days when cash of local and foreign currency found in the houses of top officials. The echo is still making vibes everywhere as the officials raided Balochistan finance secretary Mushtaq Raisani’s house in Quetta and found around ‘Rs650 million in cash including local and foreign currency and gold jewellery weighing several kilograms’.Random Read1
Last year it was also the month was May when  the house of Sindh provincial minister Shirjeel Memon in Karachi raided by the officials and recovered ‘Rs2 billion’ in cash.
The case of Balochistan is difficult to understand as the people in government corridors – from bureaucracy to politicians – are not sincere and the poor are suffering many folds due to negligence and mismanagement of national resources by the officials.
Being following a couple of journalist friends belong to Balochistan on social media, people like me always encounter everyday with pictures of poor people dragging their lives in extreme conditions.
The money found in Memon’s house last year has no record so far and we the people of Pakistan hope to see the justice this time as corruption either in the name of Panama Papers or Raisani seems making the lives of common citizens more complicated.

~ by jamilkhan on May 8, 2016.

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