From Memogates to Panama Leaks

POLITICIANS in Pakistan as well as in many countries in the world are now busy to get rid of from the recently leaks of Panama Papers. It was just one leak from 40-year old firm who created much ripples in many countries. Imagine when another server hacked in any of 10 countries mentioned in one of the recent BBC report, where would we stand.Random Read1
There was time when people wants answers on Memogate but it seems we are slow and have to comply to the recent episode before something else pop up.
Rather than we question our politicians where this money come from and why you need so much offshore companies to avoid taxes when you are the one who beg global monetary organizations for loans. Now the talk shows in Pakistan private television channels’ prime time are the places where we can see who is who. Today’s opposition parties’ members are blaming in those who are in power corridors but soon we are going the vice versa.
How much money one needs? A question which everybody knows the answer but no body wants to understand.
Let’s pray for our beloved country to give other people a chance of making things right for others.

~ by jamilkhan on April 10, 2016.

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