Review: Sophie’s World

A journey through Sophie’s World

SOPHIE’s World is a sheer and marvelous book in a blend of multi-layers of mysteries with the single aim of unraveling the profound subject of philosophy. The book is written by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder in 1991 in his native language while the English translation was done in 1995 before it was already a best-seller in the country.
The book published in early ‘90s and since then it has been captRandom Read1ivating millions of philosophy students around the world as there are hardly such a book to cover centuries old thoughts by great minds in a single volume.
The novel was originally written in Norwegian and have been translated into over dozens of languages around the world and students from schools to colleges as we’ll philosophy lovers found the book a page turner.
The story of Sophie Amundsen starts with a question which nobody escaped. “Who are you?” and revealing the history of the philosophy.
With the initiating of a small question “who are you?”, the journey of teenage girl Sophie Amundsen starts to follow on her mystery teacher’s correspondence which she found every time in a mysterious way to expedite her quest of knowledge and be familiar with the very first question while many more to follow as each one was enough to unraveling more layers to explain the existence of things around us beside many more piercing but must to know questions.
The theories introduces by philosophers like Aristotle, Pluto, Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Darwin, Freud and dozens of such others have been intertwined by the acts played between Sophie and her mystery teacher leaving no store unturned to grab the attention of the reader throughout the novel while suspense linked by the events also worth to follow.
The chief objective of the novel serve throughout the book as with each new section as the writer seen successfully not only lay the theories of great philosophers with ‘easy-to-understand’ details of how deeply these affected their contemporaries intellectuals and general public but also generations in following centuries.
The readers of this book – either they are school going or seeking higher education – this single  book is undoubtedly proved to be a heavy dose to grip the reader while at the same time offer the teachings, thoughts, politically and culturally backgrounds of leading academics, scientists, leaders and philosophers throughout the history of last over two thousands years.
There are hardly many books to understand a particular subject and the Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder is worth to understand The Philosophy.

~ by jamilkhan on March 25, 2016.

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