LG Elections in Karachi

RECENTLY as part of the third round of local government elections in Pakistan, MQM won by majority in Karachi and this has opened a flood gate on social media. I have no concern with others point of view but WHY every single commit pass through my FB wall?
Obviously there are people on both sides with valid reasons. The MQM has been in power corridors (most of the time) in Karachi since ’90s when Dr Farooq Sattar secured Mayor of Karachi. In the last 25 years, the city has expanded enormously but the system is the same and failed to deliver on grassroots level. Random Read1
Some of facts as eye opener:
Urban development no but China-Cutting flourished.
Better transportation no but half-century old buses by BEDFORD Co. (2K, 5C, 1C….W11, D17, D11, W18….) still on roads.
Easy access of potable water no but people compel to fulfill their needs with the supply by Tanker Mafia or untreated water.
Mass transit transport nowhere and deserted circular railway tracks still there where one can find unique forestation and a good hideout for gypsies to oblige on the call of the nature in early mornings.
Moder traffic and parking system not seen in Karachi but still depend on Parking Ticket Thekedars and chocked roads/markets/streets.
Better policing system no but  okay with 1500+ community policemen once seen on every nook and corner of the city ahead of VIP movement.
LETS hope that the NEW government by old MQM will deliver what we as a Karachiites missing and depriving for a long time and only seeing in Hollywood movies or local TV soaps filmed in Dubai.

~ by jamilkhan on December 8, 2015.

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